OTT platforms? Best ott platforms Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the countries have declared lockdown. This pandemic affects all businesses in the world. But a major impact on the Entertainment industry, mainly the film industry. Due to shut down of the theaters, most of the films are going to […]


Overview of disasters in 2020 In some of the countries, every year, natural disasters happen & these countries are dealing with natural disasters. But the year 2020 is the most destroying & dangerous in the whole history due to the cycle of natural disasters happening all over the world. It […]

Every year, around 8 lakh people die due to suicide in the whole world. A Single person commits suicide every 40 to 50 seconds. In 2019, there were 1 million suicides in the world. Males commit suicide more than females. The government of India spends 1.75 % on mental hospital […]

The world get to know about the word ‘Lay-Off’ most in the COVID 19 pandemic. Due to this COVID 19 situation, most of the peoples in the world lost their jobs.  This bad situation occurs due to the lockdown declared in various countries all over the world. The government advised […]

India is one of the biggest markets for china to do the business. Till now china doing a billion dollars of business in India. But due to conflict between India & China, India has taken some decisions against china. One is Boycott chinese products & second is ban on chinese […]

Overview Trillionaire is a very big word where an ordinary man can’t even think about that. There are 16 to 17 countries whose GDP is more than 1 trillion dollars, but there are some people who will be trillionaire in the coming few years. According to the report by Comparison […]