About Us

Hello everyone. Welcome to slidingmotion.com. In this page we will give you information about us.

slidingmotion.com is an information hub of the below-mentioned topics. Our motive is to provide all information in a structural way. 

We are covering 2 important topics.

  1. Latest technologies in engineering.
  2. Energy, its use, climate change, and pollution
  3. Latest gadgets, software, and apps.
  4. Social awareness

We are a team of 2 members.

1- Swapnil N

Basically, I am a Mechanical Engineer currently working as a Design Engineer in a reputed MNC organization at the Pune location. I have a total of 5+ years of experience in the Designing field.

I am a creator of slidingmotion.com. My main responsibility is to content generation & SEO analysis for slidingmotion.com. I have 1+ years of experience in SEO analysis.

I am also handling paid promotion of the relevant brands as per clients’ requirements.

2- Suraj N

He is Mechanical Engineer currently working as a Purchase Engineer in the reputed MNC organization at Mumbai location. He have 3+ year of experience in Industrial Purchasing.

Idea of the slidingmotion.com is given by the my younger brother Suraj N. Without him slidingmotion.com does not exist.

He is mostly involving in social media marketing. His main goal is to spread slidingmotion.com on all relevant social media. He is also aware about the SEO.

These two guys, Sagar Wagh & Akshay Pawar are helping us in the content generation. Both are working as design engineers.

If anyone is interested to share his thoughts related to above topic, please contact us on [email protected] Or you can write relevant information to topic in word file and send on above email id. We are happy to put in our website. It will help to all our viewers.

This platform will help you guys to make your technical writing very good. You will get more and more information about new technologies. It will help to find demand in the future to select your career.

Thank you so much for your time to know about us and for contacting us.