Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Technology is good or bad?

Each and everything has its advantages and disadvantages. And same applies to technology. The question technology is good or bad is much depending on what context you are thinking. I am sure that different people have different points of view.

You just think about the technology, the first thing that comes to mind that will be positive only. Because we think like that only since it is making our life easy. But unknowingly, technology making a negative impact also up to some extent.  But we don’t think about its negative side.

It is the same as you love to eat some fast food and you keep eating that food. After a long way, you come to know that it is affecting your body’s health. It does not mean that food is not good for the health, but the overdose of anything turns into harm. Same for the technology.

It does not mean that the use of technology is the worst, and I am taking you to the dark side of technology, absolutely not. Technology is the need, and we must use it. But the correct use of technology is the key. It is the major area of concern and where we all are lacking behind.

Let’s have a detailed view on advantages & disadvantages of technology.

Advantages of Technology

  1. Every coin has two sides. Now we will see the one good side first.
  2. Technology making life easier.
  3. Reducing pollution for a clean environment.
  4. It gives and saves the life of human beings.
  5. Technology made communication simpler.
  6. Technology makes data easy to access.
  7. Education becomes simple.

1- Technology making life easier.

Let’s start with the technologies in industries. Because of the technology, industries & businesses are very much grown up. There is N number of technologies we can enlist here. A few of them are machine robots, artificial intelligence, electricity, transportation, agriculture equipment, medical techniques, easy access to information through the internet, satellite, etc. Everything that does require is getting in minimum time. These technologies are making human life very easy.

2- Reducing pollution for a clean environment

Many new kinds of power technologies are pollution-free. The best example is solar power technology which does not damage the environment. And this technology is used in streetlights, hand torch, buildings, and factories to produce electrical energy from the sunlight.

Energy generation from the windmill is also considered an energy source. Some countries reduced the use of fossil fuels and have started using windmills as an energy source.

Tidal energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy power plant are helping the environment to reduce pollution and helping the environment.

3- It gives and saves the life of human beings.

Medical technologies help handicapped people to get back to their normal life. People with poor eye ability can use eyeglasses and see them as normal. People having earing problems can hear by using earing machines. Even people with disabilities of hands and feet can treat with artificial hands and feet.

Broken bones and small bone cracks can be scanned and locate through the x-rays and get treated. Other body diseases can analyze before getting into the worst condition. Inner body organ replacement is one of the great achievements in the medical field. I feel that medical technology development is high on the list because it saves lives.

4- Technology made communication simpler

Communication technology makes it easy to communicate with people around the world. The first thing that comes to mind is the mobile phone, and the internet made it much easy. People can contact other people, relatives, and friends anywhere around the world. And all this can happen within a second and with less cost.

Before this technology, people wrote letters to communicate, and sending letters took a lot of time. Cost for them is high due to the transportations facilities were not developed much in those days.

5- Technology makes data easy to access.

In today’s world, a search engine like Google has become a store of data. Every kind of data is available over this platform. Students can get any information they require within a second. Just you have to write on google on which you require information. It helps them to acquire more knowledge in less time. It saves a lot of time.

6- Education becomes simple

In the education field, technology is important for both students and teachers. There are a lot of devices and software which helps to easy learning and teaching. Animations and videos help with visualization and improve critical thinking ability. It keeps students learning interest. Nowadays, WhiteHat jr and BYJU’S apps are good examples of it.

Disadvantages of Technology

Every good thing that can affect negatively also is the truth. It happens especially when it gets misused. Let’s get into the negative side of technology.

  1. Technology reduces job opportunities.
  2. It harms the environment.
  3. Technology indirectly affects the immune system.
  4. Affect relation with family members.
  5. Addiction causes lifelong effects on kids and children.

1- Technology reduces job opportunities.

Now a day’s in industries, technology almost replacing all labor work and ultimately labor. Many production lines get automated by robots, and it caused lay-off employees. And this unemployment is the major disadvantage of machine technology.

2- It harms the environment

Many technologies cause environmental pollution. Ex. Air, noise, and water pollution. Factories and vehicles produce harmful gases in the air. Heavy machines, vehicles, and airplanes create noise pollution. Non-disposable chemical waste produced by factories and mills gets mixed with the rivers and pollutes the water. All this pollution happens due to technology. It is very harmful to all living things on earth.

Because of this, the human life span is reduced. Unknowingly we are calling our death early. In the case of animals, it may direct impact that the pollution may result in immediate death. One of the examples is chemical waste into the river can destroy all marine lives present over there.

3- Technology indirectly affects the immune system.

In recent years, the food industry growing very fast. Human beings eating fast food frequently due to busy life schedules. Nowadays, the use of sendriya fertilizer is increasing in farming. Due to that, within few weeks food becomes ready to eat. But this is because of dangerous fertilizers. It affects the immune power of the human being.

Due to the weak immune power, human beings may get infected due to many viruses like COVID 19. Their immune power is not able to oppose these viruses.

4- Affect relation with family members

Communication technology might increase the level of communication between people around the world. But it reduces the talk even in the family members. It is because everyone busies using their mobile phones or playing video games or watching television. This problem is mainly seen in the new young generation of people. They love to live in social isolation.

5- Addiction causes lifelong effects on kids and children.

There are many modern technological gadgets that people use every time and everywhere. Technologies like smartphones and television are now needed and essential also. But the overdose of it or misuse causes the distraction of people from study and work.

This addiction to technology wastes their precious time of life. They are not able to focus on their studies, ambitions & life-long goals. Now we are got used to seeing that kids are using a smartphone to play games. Due to that, they got eye problems at an early age. Even it affected their meal eating or sleeping times. Now kids don’t like to go outside and play.

To what extent, get habitual with technology. Think before using technology.

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