Wearable Technology

Overview of Wearable Technology

In the 19th century, landlines and telephones are used to connect with people, but these having big shapes. Due to that, it is not possible to place with you. At the end of the 19th-century mobile phones are invented & then it becomes possible to carry mobiles with you. Now this time is of smartphones & smart wearables devices. These are smart electronic devices. These wearable devices are touched to your skin & can analyze your whole-body functions and provides you comfort. IoT plays an important role in Wearable Technology.

Let’s discuss all wearable technologies.

What is wearable technology?

Wearable technologies are smart devices that are in touch with your skin. These wearable devices having sensors that can analyze your physical health & mental health. You can get notified of your every activity on the display of the wearables.

How to wear them?

Early wearable devices are very difficult to wear because of their large size. Now, these smart wearable devices are very easy to use and wear. These wearable devices have more advanced sensors that require direct contact with the human body.

You can wear these on your wrists, chest, fingers, ears, forehead, forearms, and other body parts.

Types of wearable devices.

There are so many categories of wearable devices as per their use. Let’s discuss them.

Smartwatches and fitness bands.

Nowadays, the smartwatch becomes a notifier of your physical and mental health. You can receive calls, SMS & able to see and receive calls by connecting smartwatches with mobiles.

Fitness bands are the health monitors. These bands show heart rate, calories burned, step walked, blood pressure, time spend on exercise, total steps in a day, health risk assessment, and many more. These wearable devices are worn during exercise & daily use.

Apple smartwatch is the leading market leader of the smartwatch. But these watches are more costly. There is so many smartwatch & fitness bands manufacturer like Samsung, Xiaomi, and others. But Xiaomi captured most of the market due to its low cost & providing maximum features.

Currently, most of the companies are working to incorporating more advanced features like

  1. How a person is stressed, mood, and health.
  2. Measuring alcohol content in the blood.
  3. Monitoring sickness of the user.
  4. Measuring the performance of athletes.
  5. Advance health monitoring.

Virtual Reality Headsets & augmented reality

Virtual reality is grooming technology in the entertainment industry. This wearable technology makes your brain fool & take you into the imaginary virtual world.

It can take anywhere in the world or on the other planet with the use of computer graphics. With this technology, you can see things that do not exist.

Ex. You can visit one apartment & you can able to travel all over the apartment. But in actuality, it does not exist. Its construction is going on. It is possible with the help of Virtual Reality.

In the gaming industry, the use of virtual reality is grown up. The latest games are very much dependent on virtual reality. These wearable devices are wared on the head.

Smart Glasses

Smart glass is the leading wearable technology nowadays. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the UV rays. They are able to change their color when a person goes outdoor from indoor.

These sunglasses are used in fire rescue applications. With the normal eye, we are not able to see a person in smoke, but these glasses can see the persons in the building by using thermal tracking.

Wearable Technology in Healthcare,

Wearable technology in healthcare is able to monitor physiological & biomedical parameters. These parameters include blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen saturation in the blood, heart rate, electrocardiogram (ECG), and ballistocardiogram (BCG).

The advanced features of wearable technology in the healthcare industry will help to improve the health of the patients. it will reduce the cost of care.

Data generated in the wearable device is helpful to analyze the health of the user quarterly. With this technology, it is easy to get information about deficiencies in the body.

Future of wearable technology

In the future, these wearables will the most important part of human life. We will able to analyze all our body functions very well. There will be no need to pay you a lot of money for doing various tests. You will be able to track your mood, stress level, and many more.

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