What is welding?

We all are aware of the term welding. Not only engineering graduates but also small children who are studying in schools are aware of it. If we ask them, what is going on there? They can answer you that they are doing welding. It means that it is a common joining process that is much popular all over the world. In this article, we are going to see all information about welding. In today’s words, welding is the most important joining process that we are using in industries, in workshops, and many fabrication shops. If something breaks & we want it to join, we are using this process. It is a permanent joining process.

What is welding?

Welding is a process of joining two parts, like metal, or thermoplastic by the application of high heat with or without pressure and filler metal. The purpose of welding is to join two surfaces or parts permanently.

In this welding process, the base metal is known as parent material & the material added to join the base metal is filler material or consumable. It is important to select filler material or consumable as per the base metal.

To form a homogeneous weld between base metal filler metal has similar kind of properties to base metal. In cases of welding brittle material like cast iron, different kinds of filler metal composition are using. It forms a heterogeneous weld between base metals.

In some cases, the filler metal is added between the joint (butt, fillet, etc.) of base metal to form a weld pool. After getting cool, it forms a proper weld between them. For this process, filler material should be stronger than the base metal.

In a fusion process, different kinds of heat sources are using. These are electric arc, leaser beam, gas flame, friction, electron beam, and ultrasound. Without a heating source welding process not happens. Some pressure needs to apply while doing the welding process.

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