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The full form of the OTT platform is¬†the ‚ÄĚ Over The Top‚Ä̬†platform. It is a media streaming platform that directly delivers media content to a user via the internet by eliminating cables, satellite television platforms. Nowadays, the best OTT platforms are driving the entertainment industry and growing very fast. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Hotstar, etc. are some examples of top OTT platforms.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the countries have declared lockdown. This pandemic affects all businesses in the world. But a major impact on the Entertainment industry, mainly the film industry. Due to shut down of the theaters, most of the films are going to release on the OTT platforms i.e Over The Top platform like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Hotstar, etc. Hence it will make more impact on the theatre industry. After lockdown, it is interesting to see whether the theaters or OTT platforms are King of the Cinema Industry.

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Why peoples are loving OTT Platforms?

In today’s world, the OTT platform is working to deliver the movie made by the producer directly to the user without releasing it in the theatre. This will avoid the chain of distributors & exhibitors. OTT platforms are nothing but mobile apps where you can watch movies, web series, drama anywhere & anytime.

This platform requires only two things i.e we have a membership of respective platforms and the internet connection. The best part of this platform is we are getting a membership at a low cost. After getting the membership, we can watch any movie or web series anywhere, anytime.

Top OTT platforms in India.

In India, there are so many popular best OTT platforms are there. But out of that, the most popular OTT platforms are mentioned below.

Disney + Hotstar

It is an Indian OTT platform. It starts in the Indian market with the name Hotstar. In 2019, it is owned by Disney. Their content is divided into movies, tv shows, sports, content for kids, and news. As it is owned by Disney, you guys are getting access to watch those movies animated by Disney.

We can use Disney+Hotstar with Android, Ios mobiles, and smart TVs. Subscription of Disney Hotstar is available in VIP, and Premium plans. In the premium plan, you will get access to the entire library.


PricingFree399 INR/Year299 INR/Month
1499 INR/Year
Watching screens112


The name Netflix saying everything about it. Most of the young generation is aware of Netflix. It is one of the top OTT platforms in the world.

In India, Netflix captured most of the market. They are offering new movies, web series, and live shows of various quality. The quality depends upon your subscription.

They are offering mobile, basic, standard, and premium plans start from Rs. 199 per month. Netflix is giving very hard competition to the other OTT platforms in India. The best fact about Netflix is that it is ad-free and easy to operate.

In the Covid 19 pandemic, the revenue of Netflix was $5.768 billion which is calculated in the ending quarter of 31 march 2020. It was increased by 27.58%.


Monthly Prices199 INR499 INR649 INR700 INR
Video QualitiesGoodGoodBetterBest
Resolution480p480p1080p4K + HDR
Devices you can use to watchPhone

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the very big ott platform in the world. It is launched by the e-commerce giant Amazon in 2016. As of December 2020, the content of amazon prime is available in 26 languages internationally. In the year 2018, amazon prime music was launched.

For the amazon prime membership holder, they are offering a free subscription of amazon prime video and amazon prime music. With this, they are giving free deliveries on all your e-commerce orders through amazon prime. Amazon Prime membership is available on a basis of month and year. They are charging 129 rupees per month, and 999 per year.


Amazon Prime SubscriptionPer Month3 Month1 Year
Price129 INR329 INR999 INR
Amazon Prime VideoFreeFreeFree
Amazon Prime MusicFreeFreeFree
Amazon Prime Delivery on E-commerce productsFreeFreeFree

MX Player

MX Player is a video-on-demand platform. It is developed by MX Media & Entertainment in 2016-17. There is no subscription need for MX Player. It is available free of cost and working on the advertising model.

It having 15000 hours of content library in around 12 languages available for the viewers. MX Player having its website and is also available in applications for Android, IOS.

MX Player is re-launched as an OTT platform in 2019 with their original programming. They have available content from national as well as international brands. They are mostly concentrating on national content like TV serials, films, web series, music & videos.

Which OTT platforms are mostly preferred?

CEO of the MoMAGIC Arun Gupta said Disney Hotstar is the most preferred OTT platform now in India due to its good content & low cost of membership. If we see this data in the world most preferred OTT platform is Netflix.

What survey says about the OTT Platforms?

As per the survey by MoMAGIC in 2019 from June to August in India over 55% of people like to watch movies, sports, web series, TV shows, etc on the OTT platform & 41% of people like to see DTH. The picture is clear that most of the peoples like to watch OTT rather than the DTH. In 2020 these numbers are going to change because of the COVID 19 & Lockdown. Most of the peoples give first preference to the OTT platform due to its wide variety of horror, technological, adventures, romantic web series & movies.

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  1. Yes..OTT providers are growing exponentially as more people switch to online channels for entertainment. And Covid-19 is helping OTT platforms to increase revenue.


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