I think, there are lots of question arises in every Purchase Engineers mind that how I can utilize my quarantine period to enhance my Procurement Engineer skill & which are the courses that we can do? 

We do lots of google searches to find out various certified courses that every Procurement Engineer can do. Google gives lots of information about courses but they are not affordable. We can’t afford that money to pay for those courses. So I am going to suggest top free certification courses that every Procurement Engineer can do in those Quarantine Period to enhance your Procurement engineer skill.

1) E-Procurement Learning

This is the best platform for the government of the countries for support to their citizens & business. E-Government eliminates corruption & fraud. Due to this many gov. in the world adopted the E-Procurement system. This e-Learning course is consist of five modules,

Part 1: E-Procurement Preparation

Part 2: E-Procurement Basis

Part 3: Advanced E-Procurement

Part 4: E-Procurement Indicator

Part 5: Incorporating E-Procurement into Public Financial Management Reforms


2) Procurement & Logistics Certificate By Disasterready.Org  

 In this 5-hour assessment-based certificate program, comprised of online courses, interactive scenarios, and a test, you will learn to & how to implement effective procurement and logistics for relief and development operations. After passing a sixty-question test gets you a Certificate.

This certificate program includes-

1) Procurement

2) Scenario: Procurement Planning

3) Warehousing

4) Scenario: Using proper warehousing processes and procedures

5) Fleet Management

6) Asses Management

7) Procurement And Logistic Certificate.


3) Six Sigma-White Belt Certification By Aveta Business Institute:

It is good for those employees who are not familiar with Six Sigma and want to get more information about how it can impact an organization. This course is free of cost and allowing the public to obtain an official Six Sigma White Belt Certification.


Every Mechanical & Purchase engineer has to do these courses Because you don’t have to pay money for these courses. It’s free of cost.

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Osman Amin Hassan · June 6, 2020 at 8:48 pm

wow well opportunities and very useful training, to those who interesting.

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