New Technology in Mechanical Engineering.

Overview of new technology in mechanical engineering.

As we know, the world is developing very fast. New technologies in recent years in all disciplines are giving better shape to the world. In this new era of technology, engineers inventing some new technology in mechanical engineering that is growing so fast. These new technologies in mechanical engineering are very helpful for the world. 

Development in the industries starts with the Industrial revolution. As new technologies are inventing, industries are becoming smarter.

IoT is the backbone of the Industrial revolution. With the IoT, advancement stars in the industries. It helps to become most of the processes in the industries more automatic. IoT helps to achieve accuracy and reduce unnecessary time.

Printing industries changed the way of making parts, objects, or more. From the invention of 3d printing, it was a nice journey till the start of 6d printing. 4D printing & 5D printing are the new milestones that today’s industries have.

The solar system changed the way of generating energy. It is the best source of renewable energy technologies. Solar windows are the new grooming technology. With this, it is possible to generate electricity by getting sunrays transfer from it.

Let’s have a look at these technologies.

New Technology In Mechanical Engineering 2021

  1. Industrial Revolution 4.0
  2. Internet of Things
  3. 4D Printing
  4. 5D Printing
  5. Solar Windows
  6. 3D Printing

Industrial revolution 4.0

Refer to the main article on Industrial Revolution for detailed information.

industrial revolution of smart industry
Industry 4.0

Industrial Revolution is the first part of the new technology in Mechanical Engineering. It was a step-by-step journey from the start of the Industrial Revolution to the current Industrial revolution 4.0.

Industrial revolution 4.0 is the era of smart industries. In this technology of computers & electronics are inter-connected with mechanical technologies.

Because of the industrial revolution, industries are becoming smarter. Technologies in every sector are becoming more advance. Instead of manual works, people are using advanced robots. These robots are able to works faster than human beings with good accuracy. The way of doing work is completely changed.

Due to that, mass production becomes very easy in manufacturing industries with minimum errors. More accuracy is going to achieve. Industrial Revolution 4.0 consists of the Internet of things (IoT), Digital Twin, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.


Refer to the main article on IoT for detailed information.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the prime consideration of the Industrial revolution 4.0. With this technology, life becomes easy. IoT is the most important part of new technology in mechanical engineering.

IoT is the system that makes one “Dumb” device “Smarter” by giving them the ability to transfer data over the internet(network). It happens without a human-to-computer interaction & allows it to communicate with other IoT-enabled things.

Today in most industries, IoT plays an important role. With the use of the Industrial IoT system, industries are becoming more advance. Production, efficiency, accuracy are increasing. Human interaction is going to reduce due to IoT devices.

These IoT devices reduced the time required to do unnecessary work. For example, to turn off the light, we have to walk towards the switch & turn it off. But with IoT, we can do with smart devices. There are many sectors present that are using IoT technology. 

4D Printing Technology

Refer to the main article on 4D Printing Technology for detailed information.

4D printed ball by the 4d printing technology
4D Printing

The Idea of 4D printing is first introduced in the MIT self-assembly lab. 4D printing is an advancement in 3D printing. In 4D printing, material plays a very important role. Because these materials are specially designed to react with the external medium.

When 4D printed object gets in contact with some external medium like heat, electricity & magnetic field, it may start transforming its shape because of the shape-changing property.

In the future, this technology will be more preferred in various industries like biomedical. 4D printing plays an important role in new technology in mechanical engineering.

5D Printing

Refer to the main article on 5D Printing for detailed information.

The concept of 5D printing is first implemented by the Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab (MERL). William Yerazunis (Senior Principal Research Scientist) explained that, in 5D printing, the object is built with the help of five different axes. It helps for creating a complicated object with good strength.

It is one step ahead of 3D Printing. In 3D Printing, the base becomes stationary & the printing head moved in X, Y & Z direction to create an object.

But in 5d printing, the Printing head moves in the X, Y & Z directions to create an object & the printing base also moves in the X & Y direction.

5D printed object having good strength rather than a 3D printed object. 5D printing plays an important role in new technology in mechanical engineering.

Solar Windows

Refer to the main article on Solar Windows for detailed information.

solar window
Solar Window

The solar window is the new technology in solar panels & PV cells. In this, sun rays falling on the windows get transfer & electricity also generates. There is partially transparent solar panel technology & fully transparent technology is there.

In this solar window system, we are getting a double advantage. It gives a bright future in the field of the car windows, large facades of the buildings & home windows. 

3D Printing

3d printing is also called additive manufacturing. A three-dimensional object is made by using a setup of the 3D printer & computerized CAD model. In the early time, the use of 3D printing is only for making parts of polymers.

In this process, the setup of the 3D printer makes the object by the layer on layer. But in today’s time, the use of 3D Printing is for making metallic objects too. Instead of polymer, molten metal is used and an object is made layer by layer.

There are various 3D Printing processes like Stereolithography, Digital Light Processing (DLP), Extrusion, Inkjet, Selective Deposition & Lamination (SDL) are available in the market.

Use of 3D Printing for application in the construction, aviation, automotive, consumer products & healthcare industry.

Conclusion – New Technology in Mechanical Engineering

Above mentioned technologies are the new technology in mechanical engineering. These technologies in mechanical engineering are the main factors of today’s industrial revolution.

Due to that, automation takes place without a human interface, productivity gets improve, high efficiency, and many more. It helps human beings to achieve more accuracy in their works.

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Above all is a new technology in mechanical engineering 2020 or the latest technology in mechanical engineering.

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