What are renewable energy technologies?

Overview of renewable energy technologies?

Renewable energy technologies provide energy in the form of electricity and heat. Sun is the ultimate source of renewable energy. It is directly or indirectly responsible for the energy generated from renewable energy technologies. Like wind energy, solar energy, hydro energy, tidal energy, biomass energy, and geothermal energy. These are resources of renewable energy technology.

After the start of the Industrial Revolution, the use of renewable energy technology gets the start. To convert into electricity & heat, some kind of mechanical & electrical technologies are used.

Due to increasing innovations in renewable energy technologies, their cost is reduced, efficiency is increasing & use is increasing. The use of renewable energy is the need of the future.


Types of renewable energy technologies.

Solar Energy

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In solar energy technology, solar power is utilized to generate electrical energy using special equipment. Directly or indirectly, solar energy is the prime source of all renewable energy technologies.

Due to solar power wind flows, plants get their energy to help biomass, tides are generated by the gravitation force of the sun too.

On the earth’s surface, 40 to 45% of solar rays fall & the remaining get absorbed by the cloud & atmosphere. Photovoltaics, concentrating solar power, and solar heating & cooling are the three main methods for harnessing solar power.

With time, the efficiency of the solar system is increasing due to innovations happening in various countries. So many solar energy companies are working to increase the use of solar energy systems. And to reduce the use of fossil fuels for reducing pollution.

Wind Energy

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In wind energy technology, the kinetic energy of the wind is harnessed by using a wind turbine. Then it is transferred to the generator to make electrical energy. Renewable energy technologies are non-polluting energy-harnessing technologies.

Horizontal & vertical wind turbines are the main two types of wind turbines. A horizontal wind turbine is the most common wind turbine. 

A generator is used for transferring wind energy into electrical energy. The generator is a rotating device that converts torque into electricity.

Wind turbine blades, generators, and nacelle are on the top of the vertical structure. The nacelle is the assembly of the gearbox, brake system, and hub for mounting blades. A Pitch controlling mechanism uses to adjust the angle of the blades.

Wind speed varies as per geographical location. So, it is necessary to select the proper location for the built wind turbine to harness wind energy.

Geothermal Energy

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Geothermal energy is the energy that comes from the earth’s crust. This heat is present inside the earth’s crust. The high temperature of the earth’s crust melts the rocks & creates high temperatures & pressure. It causes this magma to flow upside. Inside the earth’s crust, natural reservoirs of water are present.

This magma heats the water to around 300 degrees Celsius & makes hot springs. This steam gets utilized to generate electricity. We received geothermal energy in the form of steam & sometimes in magma or volcanos.

On the earth’s surface, in many locations, hot springs are present. It is known as a geothermal field. From this location, heat or steam is received by drilling.

In some locations, we can find geothermal energy at a depth of 0.3 km, or in some locations, we have to go deeper. This steam gets utilized to generate electricity. It is the most useful energy source of renewable energy technologies.

There are many geothermal energy power plants to harness it. Some of them are a dry steam power plant, a flash steam power plant, and a binary cycle power plant. 

Tidal Energy

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In Tidal Energy Technology, the energy of the tide is utilized to convert into electrical energy by using a special kind of turbine. Tides are developing due to the gravitational force of the moon, sun & rotational motion of the earth.

High tides & low tides are generated in the ocean due to these reasons.

71% of the space on earth is covered with water. It is a huge source of renewable energy. With a tidal stream generator, tidal barrage, dynamic tidal power, and tidal lagoon processes, tidal energy is harnessed. According to the process, different kinds of turbines are used for harnessing tidal energy.

The use of tidal energy plants is increasing. Various countries are working on the tidal energy plant to increase its use, capacity & efficiency.

Renewable energy technologies last for a longer period & provide continuous energy. The efficiency of the tidal energy plant is increasing with innovations.

Biomass Energy

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Biomass energy is the process of converting biomass into heat, fertilizers, electrical energy, and other sources of energy. Sun is the ultimate power source for the formation of biomass.

Plants and other organisms convert sun rays into chemical energy with water & carbon dioxide. This process is known as the photosynthesis process. It is a hidden source of renewable energy technologies.

Biomass sources are crops, bamboo plants, palm plants, and human, municipal, animal & agricultural waste. Biomass is obtained from land & water-based sources. These all are used to convert into fertilizer & other forms of energy.

There are many processes used for biomass conversion like thermochemical conversion, biochemical conversion, & electrochemical conversion.

Again, these conversion processes are subdividing into another process. Click on highlighted words or on the main article to see them in detail.


Water is a great source of power and we are lucky to have a lot of water. It is a huge source of renewable energy. Because the water cycle repeats every year by falling & evaporating from the earth by the sun. Thanks to mother earth!!

Most of us know that hydroelectricity means electricity generated from the water. But how exactly does water energy become electricity? Not just any water can give us power. Only moving or falling water can give us power.

In simple terms, hydroelectricity is the electricity made by using the energy of flowing water like a river. This energy conversion happens with the help of a turbine and generator.

Each one of us knows and has seen the dam. This dam acts as a water reservoir for hydroelectric power plants. The dam blocks the river water flow. As the dam stops water from flowing, pressure builds behind the dam.

When the water gets released from the dam, high-pressure water starts flowing through the pipe. Water flows from a higher elevation to a lower one creating speed. This falling water channeled towards the turbine.

This forced flow of water runs the hydraulic turbine which converts the energy of flowing water to mechanical energy which is shaft rotation. And the same shaft is coupled with the generator which converts this mechanical energy into electricity.

Future of renewable energy technologies.

Renewable energy technologies are a clean source of energy. By using the above-mentioned renewable energies, we can give a better future to the next generation. We can give them a pollution-free environment, clean air, fewer diseases, give healthy health and so many good things we can give.

Due to pollution, so many children are facing breathing & lung problems from their birth. Pollution is negatively affecting their neurodevelopment & mental development.

Due to pollution, the lifestyle of the mother can hamper the physical growth of the children before their birth. As per the report of the World Health Organization, 90% of children all over the globe are breathing toxic air every day.

For providing a better future for the next generation, we all have to use the mentioned renewable energy technologies. As much as possible, we have to avoid the use of fossil fuels or polluting sources. As human beings, we must take care of the environment.

Convince yourself to use resources of renewable energy technology & others too. Because the use of fossil fuels destroying the environment, our future & the future of the next generation. Please think about it.

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