All Industrial Revolutions till dates.

What is mean by industrial revolution or industrial change?

The industrial revolution is the process of transforming one kind of technology into its upgraded form by using innovative technologies of electronics, Information technology & networks. 

Industrial Revolution is the period of development for the rural area into an urban area. Human beings started to use machines for production instead of hand production. The invention of the steam engine is the great achievement of the Industrial Revolution. Britain is the birthplace of the first Industrial Revolution and, with the time it is spread over the world.

We will discuss the four industrial revolutions in detail. 

Industry 1.0 

It is an industrial revolution of the eighteenth century. This revolution first started in the US & Europe from 1775 to 1840. In this revolution, human beings started the use of machines instead of hand production. They started the use of machines that run on the water power & steam power. 


Due to the invention of the steam engine, most of the industries like the iron industry, paper mills, cotton mills, etc starts working faster with the large productions. For the generation of steam, coal is the prime source of energy. So that miner allowed to go deeper to extract coal. This coal is not only used for factories but also it is used to run a steam engine for transportation.

It causes too, transportation gets easier & most of the cities get connected. Industrial goods are transported from one city to other cities to improve business.

Industry 2.0

It is an industrial revolution of the nineteenth century. This industrial revolution starts with the connectivity of peoples. In this, the manufacturing of railroads for transportation, modern electric lines & the use of telegram started. Electricity became a primary power source. Henry ford is a great example of implementing industry 2.0. He started the use of the conveyor belt system into the production line of the automobiles. Machines became more automatic.


Due to the invention of electricity, more industries started to use for mass production. Due to connectivity, the business became easier. Industries like paper mills, cotton mills, iron, petroleum, fertilizer industries become more automatic.

Countries get connected with the large railroads for transportation of the goods & material. With time people started the use of automobiles for personal transportation.

Industry 3.0

It is an industrial revolution of the twentieth century. In this period the use of electronics & information technology is carried out in production & manufacturing. In this era, the software system is used in many management systems for the planning of the work, production flow, inventory management & product tracking, etc. Humans are getting replaced by automated machines day by day. The production system is becoming more automated.


Due to the connection of the computers to the production lines. mass production becomes easier with minimum human involvement. Various software is implemented for production planning & productivity improvement.

Accuracy & productivity is the main motive of the industries. Various software is used for product development.

Industry 4.0

In this revolution, computers are connected in the production system for communications with each other, triggering action without human interface. We can say it is an era of smart industries. New technologies are going to develop for increasing production, reducing human effort, accuracy, reduce time, etc. 

Major components of the Industry 4.0

  1. Cyber-physical system for making machines smarter. It allows machines to communicate more efficiently without any geographical barriers.
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) ‚Äď Various machines & devices are connected with the computerized network.
  3. Cloud computing.
  4. Cognitive computing.

Main technologies which are driving Industry 4.0


Internet of Things is the latest technology which is going to use in all over sectors. IoT makes devices smarter to do the work. Devices can be controlled & operated by smartphones. These devices give notifications whenever you cross their limit. The smart chair is the best example of an IoT device.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the artificial human brain that can think, visualize things, recognize the complexity of the pattern, process the information, finding conclusions & give recommendations. Due to AI, machines have become more capable of doing work.

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In today’s world, blockchain the safest medium for secure data transfer because there is no dependency require on the third party to operate. Bitcoin the cryptocurrency which works on blockchain technology. I hope in the coming future, in banks, corporates & everywhere it will get used to avoiding fraud. 

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4D printing

MIT self-assembly lab developed this idea of 4D printing. 4D printing is the up-gradation in the 3D printing. 4D printed object can change its shape when it comes in contact with some external medium like electricity, heat.

Advance Robotics

Due to advancements in the robotics system, mass production becomes easier without human interaction. It gives more accuracy in the production line.

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