What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology

What is OCR technology?

A data extraction process is termed OCR, which stands for optical character recognition. OCR technology is used in many online tools like image and text converters. We are specifically talking about digital businesses, in which we can include many terms. For example, content creation, content marketing, and many more.

But how can an OCR technology be related to or beneficial for digital businesses?

As mentioned above, OCR technology is mostly used in image-to-text converters. It is not wrong to say that image-to-text converters are widely used in digital businesses.

But OCR tools or image-to-text converters are not limited to digital businesses only but also be used in educational sectors.

So, we are going to begin from the beginning. It is important to take OCR’s primary or basic concepts and clarify how it is beneficial.

Uses of OCR technology

There are several uses of OCR technology, but some are very important. We can say that these uses are related to real-world problems.

We have shortlisted some noticeable uses of OCR technology, and most people already know them. So, let’s have a look.

Number plate recognition

An important use of the image-to-text tool is to scan and recognize the number plates of the vehicles.

It is mostly used in automatic cameras and fine generators. So, that can be used to find the vehicle that will be guilty and generate a fine against those vehicles.

Number plate recognition is not only needed in the automatic fine generator but is also used for many more reasons.

Passport recognition

We can say that this is also real-world, and using the image-to-text converter tool can help the staff retrieve the information written on the passport.

Not only passports, but they can also use for recognizing many other documents like identity cards, student cards, and more.

Sometimes, it can be necessary for many organizations as it can help you complete the tasks in less time.

Data entry

We can say that this technology is basically and originally used for entering data. Many organizations are using this technology for data entry.

It can be very easy to enter the data of any employee or customer just by scanning a printed document; it can be a passport, an identity, or a student card too.

You have to upload your picture to the image-to-text converter, which will automatically provide you with the text form of content written in the picture.

OCR drag and drop image

But again, image-to-text converters are used to do this job, and there is no other way to make your tasks easier and simpler.

Benefits of OCR technology regarding digital businesses

Like other technologies, optical character recognition technology is also very important and useful.

We have also mentioned above that there are many fields when it comes to digital businesses. So, we will list the general benefits of OCR that can be good enough for every field.


It is obvious that you cannot keep all your books or documents with you. You need to find some solution to this.

So, it is not wrong to say that here we need to use OCR technology. But how can it be helpful?

You can convert your documents into editable text, and then you can save them on your device, and then you can review them anywhere, anytime.

The good thing is that you can easily edit the document at any time. So, using OCR technology can surely give you enough accessibility.


Just think you have hundreds of documents to study related to your business, and each document is placed separately, either it will be time-saving or waste.

It is a waste of time, and a businessman never wants to waste their time. The only way is to use OCR and save your documents in a single spot on your smartphone.

All you need is to scan using any image-to-text converter, and you are all set to save the text or make them editable in a couple of seconds.

Storage efficient

Similar to saving time, saving storage is also very important. Storing hundreds of documents in your office or on your bookshelf is very difficult.

Again, saving all these documents on your smartphone can be a good option, and then you can review them very easily.

The second thing is you don’t need to find any documents, everything will be on your mobile phone, and you can also sort them in different folders.


As we all know, it is difficult to attain accuracy while scanning handwritten notes. Because some people have poor handwriting, or sometimes, a note written in the hustle.

But if you use a good tool, you may not face this situation and can complete your task accurately.

It is not wrong to say that several documents need to be read or stored digitally while keeping accuracy in focus.

And it is only possible by using the OCR technology. When we talk about retrieving text from the image, we need to use an image-to-text converter.

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It is not wrong to say that using online tool always help you save time and energy. And some tools are the least used but are very important in some situations.

And OCR technology is one of them. That’s why we have shared all the important information about optical character recognition.

You can have a look at them and use this technology to retrieve text from the images, and you can also determine how important this is in digital businesses.

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