parts of staircase

What is a staircase?

Staircases are small vertical steps construction designed to make it easy in crossing large vertical distances. The staircases are available in rectangular, round, or any customized shapes, and its material is wood, metal, concrete, or more as per space availability or type of application. We are going to see all parts of a staircase with its details.

Parts of Staircase with diagram

parts of staircase

Parts for Staircase

  • Riser.

The riser is a vertical part of the staircase. It sometimes connects two treads. In old design or in building staircase riser connects two treads. Example- In the construction of staircase with concrete. While in the modern staircase, the riser does not connect to the treads, or sometimes it is absent. This kind of staircase is known as an open riser-style staircase.

  • Tread.

The trend is a horizontal or flat part of the staircase, which fits between two extreme supports or railing. It acts as a walking surface while climbing on the staircase. At every specific distance, it is fixed on the staircase.

  • Nosing

Nosing is an intersection point or line between riser and tread.  

  • Stringer.

Stringers are the two extreme sides of the staircase, wall string (inner) and closed string (outer). It holds or gives support to the riser and tread. All the loads get transferred to the stringers during walking through the stairs. So, it is necessary to have a strong structure of stringer.

Types of the stringer.

  1. Western
  2. Eastern
  3. Mono
  • Handrail.

The handrail is a supporting structure while walking up and down the staircase. People can hold the handrail while walking. It fixes on the extreme sides of the staircase.

  • Guardrail

The function of the guardrail is to protect a person to fall from the staircase. It fixes on the extreme side of the stringer of the staircase.

  • Baluster and balustrade

Balusters are the vertical members fixed at a specific distance to support the guardrail and handrail. It increases the aesthetics of the staircase. The whole construction of the baluster is called a balustrade.

  • Newel Post.

Newel posts are the vertical members at the extreme side of the stairs. It is strong and heavy in construction to support the handrail. Sometimes these newel posts are attached to the ground or floor directly. It is sometimes plain or decorative in shape.

  • Newel cap

Newel cap is a top cap of the newel post. It can be square, spherical, or customized in shape. It improves the look of the post and makes it decorative.

  • Base rail

The balusters are mounted on the base rail and supported on the stringer. It gives support to the newel posts.  

  • Landing

Landing is flooring at the bottom and top of the staircase. It is a resting portion of the space to give access to the lifts and rooms. During the taking turn at a certain angle ( 45 to 90 degrees, landing portion present.

  • Fascia

It is an outside structure of the landing. It covers the open space of the balcony and ceiling.

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