What are Spring Clips

What are spring clips?

Spring clips are the type of clips used for holding cylindrical objects. The process of attaching, detaching, and holding is done by simply pushing and pulling out the spring clip in the hole. Spring clips are also called Terry clips. It is one of the famous clips due to various advantages.

Terry clip is made up of sheet metal steel and plastic and turns out into a profile of U Shape. These Spring/Terry clips have a hole at the center of the flat surface. It is for partial fitment of spring clips to the surface by the screwing method. There are petal shape wings in which the cylinder object is placed to holds that very tightly.

Generally, spring clips are used to hold hammers, screwdrivers, drills, and others tools on the tool board.

What are the types of spring clips?


Other names of R-Clips are R-Pin, Cotter pin, and R key. R-Clips are generally using to protect the end of the axle or shaft.

R-Clips have two legs. One is straight, the other has a bent shape, and the top of the pin having a semi-circular belly. R-clips are used anywhere in the shaft.


Linchpin is a type of spring clip with a circular ring on top and similar use as R-clips. It is used to prevent sliding of the shaft from the axle or wheel while riding.

A linchpin is easily inserted into the hole of the shaft to fix the shaft and wheel alignment. Linchpin is used only on the end of the shaft.

Flat Spring Clip

Flat spring clips are U-shaped clips, which give support to thin objects, paper, and cards. The material of flat spring clips is plastic.

Small Metal Spring Clip

Small metal spring clips are for lanyards of Identity cards and security passes attached to our clothes.

Spring Button Clip

Spring button clips are to arrest two tubing components which are for engineering application. This spring clip has a button on the inner hand and a hole in the outer hand. It is for locking the object in between them.

Command Spring Clip

Command spring clips are small and lightweight. These clips are for hanging papers, cards, bags, keys, clipboards, and many other items for sticking to walls.

Heavy-Duty Terry Clips

Heavy-duty terry clips are extra strong and durable as compare to others. Generally, the material of Heavy-Duty Spring Clips is stainless steel. These clips are for supporting tools such as hammers, drills, and many other heavy tools.

Spring Hose Clamp

Spring hose clamp is used to hold the hydraulic and pneumatic hose and pipes, which serves a similar function to hose clip or jubilee clip. The main advantage of spring hose clips is easy to attach and detach the clamp from hoses.

The diameter of the clamp where it rest (Resting Diameter) is smaller than the hose or pipe diameter. Two handles of the clamp squeeze to get the appropriate diameter where these hoses or pipes can fit tightly.

Spring Clips Material

Generally, the materials of spring clips are Stainless Steel and plastic.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is common material using for making spring clips or terry clips. Because they are corrosive-resistance in nature. Stainless steel provides more grip, and they are more durable than others. Although, they are more durable. There are some protective coatings such as vinyl or nylon coating to minimize abrasion and good scratch protection.


Plastic is also using for spring clips or terry clips, depending upon the application. It is cheaper and easy to manufacture so, extensively used in spring clips. Plastic is an excellent insulator of electricity. So the major application of this type of spring clips in the electrical industry.

Advantages of spring clips

  1. Simple and robust in design
  2. Cost is low
  3. Holds object very tightly
  4. More Durable
  5. Light in weight
  6. Simple to attach and detach

Application of spring clips

Due to the excellent design of spring clips, there are several applications where spring clips are used.

  1. Holding of hand tool having circular hands such as Screwdriver, hammer, drills, spanners, and pliers.
  2. For holding of mobile phones and tablets.
  3. Holding of wires and cables in the electrical industry.
  4. For holding of pipes, hoses, and tubes in the plumbing industry.
  5. For holding lanyards
  6. Used in shafts to preventing sliding of sliding parts.
  7. Used to tight the leaf spring to an axle of the vehicle

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