Tesla Solar Roof & its cost.

Overview of Tesla solar roof

World Richest Man, Elon Musk, The founder of Tesla Inc stated Tesla’s Solar in October 2016. Tesla Solar Roof will be one of the great innovations in the upcoming year. The goal of this statement is to convince the shareholder to invest in his company.

The earlier name of Tesla Solar’s company is SolarCity which is founded by his cousins and owned by him. SolarCity Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of Solar Panel and Solar roof tiles.

After this acquisition, all these products are sold on Tesla’s website. In August 2019, Tesla announced that they will be renting this system to six-country only at 50 USD per month for solar roof deployment. In 2020, the Tesla Solar Roof is one of the lowest-cost solar which is price 1.5 USD per watt of a solar panel.

What is Tesla Solar Roof?

First, we have to know that, Tesla Solar Roof is like a conventional roof that can generate solar energy by using solar light as a source of renewable energy. It exactly looks like regular roofing with some extra texturing.

Tesla Solar roof consists of the following glass type shingles-

Active Shingles consist of solar cell which are using to generate electricity by using solar energy.

In-active shingles are regular shingle which is not able to produce any electricity.

During the installation of the Tesla Solar Roof, your existing entire roof is going to replace by the solar roof. These solar roofs are a combination of active and Inactive shingles.

Difference between Conventional Solar Roof & Tesla Solar Roof

Set-Up :

Conventional Solar roof set up consist of solar panel which are installed on our regular roof. (as shown in the picture.) Whereas, Tesla solar roof is made up of active and inactive shingles which are like our roof. (as shown in the picture.)

In conventional solar roof set up, we have to install Solar Panel on above our roofing but in Tesla solar roof, there is single roofing which is roof + Solar Panel.

What is the cost of Tesla Solar Roof?

According to a view of Elon Musk’s Tesla, Active solar roof tiles cost is 2.1 USD while Inactive Shingle cost 7.65 USD per square foot. But in another way, the actual cost of the Tesla solar roof exactly depends upon the area of our house and how much electricity consume of the house daily.

Estimation is calculated based on the area in square feet and monthly electricity bill. Like we have an area of 1800 sq. feet & an electricity bill of 150 USD per month. While calculating the need for a home, Tesla Company suggests that it requires a 6.2 KW solar roof at a cost of approx. 27000 USD.

In that amount, Active shingles consist of 13000 USD while the remaining inactive shingle and other expenses will be 14000 USD.

As per Tesla, the average cost of a solar roof will be 22 USD per square foot. We can imagine that how much money we will be saved when we have installed a Tesla solar roof.

Technical Specification for Solar Roof:

Tile Warranty25 Years
Power Warranty25 Years
Weatherization Warranty25 Years
Wind RatingASTM D3161 Class F
Fire RatingClass A
Hail RatingANSI FM 4473 Class 3
Roof Pitch2:12 -20:12
Inverter Power3.8KW
Inverter Dimension26’’x16x6’’
Inverter Warranty12.5 Years

Pros of Tesla Solar Roof-

Design :

They offer different types of design like textured, smooth, and Tuscon type of design which made Tesla solar roof unique. These solar tiles improve the architectural view & look of your home.

Value :

It will help you to produce your electricity for your home. It reduces your monthly bills from your electricity distributor. You can able to power your home at a low price.


These solar tiles are stronger (more than three times) than conventional roofing. Tesla Solar Roof is made up of Tempered Glass which is fire, hail, and wind-resistant.

Efficiency :

Solar tiles having good efficiency. It can able to generate electricity with minimum sunlight & intermittent angles.


It having a better controlling mechanism. You can control your energy production and monitor it by using your application. These applications have very smart options to control energy production from anywhere. It having remote access.


In short, a power wall is an energy backup battery. You can store the electricity here & use it as per your requirement.


It having 30 years of warranty on the first installment.

Adoption to the Latest Technology:

Everyone wants to get the first adoption of the latest technology, Tesla solar roof will be that invention which is everyone looking for.

Cons of Tesla Solar Roof-


The solar roof is almost 4 times higher than conventional solar panel roofing.

Waiting Time:

As the man who installs the first Solar roof who has wait for almost one year to get the solar roof installed.

Unknown maintenance cost

As it is a new product, no one knows about the maintenance cost.

Steps to get Tesla Solar Roof Installed-

Following are some steps to order your Tesla Solar Roofs.

Online Ordering of Tesla Solar Roof :

The first step to install a solar roof is to order Tesla Solar Roof by filling in some basic details such as name, address, and monthly electricity bill on the Tesla website. Then Tesla calculates the average estimation of a solar roof to your home.

In this step, you can choose do you require Tesla PowerWall (PowerWall is the small and compact battery that stores the energy from the solar roof and we can use this energy at any time). If you don’t want PowerWall, then pay 100 USD as a deposit.

Virtual Viewing :

When you deposit 100USD, Tesla does the virtual assessment of your home by giving an electricity bill and some other information like an area of the home, etc.

Approval for Roofing

After completion of Virtual Assessment, there is proper permitting approval for solar roofing. It normally takes 1-5 weeks depending on location.

Installation Schedule

When the permit will get for solar roofing, certifies Tesla’s installer installs solar roof to your home depending upon the feasibility. It normally takes 1-2 weeks to get a solar roof installed.

Roof Inspection

After installation of the Tesla Solar Roof, it gets inspected and approved and then interconnected to Grid. This will take time upon 5 weeks. Once the roof gets inspected, you can download Tesla App and monitor the system and energy in real-time from anywhere.

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