Are you not able to manage multiple social medial accounts? It is taking so much time to open & close multiple social media accounts. Then there is the best software in the market that can manage your five social media accounts for free. The name of the software is Crowdfire. Let’s discuss more about the software.

Why join Crowdfire?

We are using multiple social media to connect with friends, to get information on various fields & many more. Each social media having its strengths. But It is very hectic to manage all of them because of different login credential & their different applications.

Every time we have to open one by one & close it. But to avoid all those activities to open all applications one by one, Crowdfire gives you a solution for that. It can manage your social media accounts for free.

You can post multiple images, videos, articles with the help of Crowdfire. This application having advanced analytics where you can track all activities about posts, feeds, friends, followers & more. Let’s have a look at how it works?

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How to join & how Crowdfire works?

Do the below procedure step by step. Click on the below link to start the procedure or to go to the application.

Click here to start.

1-Simply click on the get started button. You can join Crowdfire with your mail or with Twitter or Facebook account. Once you join any of the accounts then it will be a login credential for the Crowdfire.

2-Once you sign up or log in with it, you will get the icons of the social media where you can simply connect with a username & password to join these accounts.

3-Here is an example of it. For Joining your TikTok account, simply click on the TikTok icon & enter your profile details & hit the connect button. Your account will get connected to the Crowdfire.

4-With the same procedure, you can connect your social media account with Crowdfire.

5-Here other social media platforms are given below, which can connect with the same. You can connect with the online streaming platform mentioned below the image.

6-In the Analytics option, you can track up to the last 30 days‘ data. You can track your friends, followers, likes, comments & many more in the overview option of the analytics.

7-In the Advanced analytics option, you can track all the data about your social media from your single data to your friend you gain, followers, as you get per day.

You can track audience growth, engagement breakdown, organic engagement breakdown, promoted engagement breakdown, user profile clicks, impressions, likes per RTs, video overview, matrices & many more. 

8-You can track your competitor’s details & reports also with this tool. 

9-You can able to schedule your post on any of your connected social media with Crowdfire.

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Crowdfire prices

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  1. The main advantage of Crowdfire is, it has a free version.
  2. Plus package is affordable to most of the person.
  3. Its interface so easy to use.


My personal experience saying that Crowdfire is the best software that can manage all social media accounts, & others also. Because I am using it for the last year.

Get detailed information about it by following the below link.

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