Davit System

What is Davit System?

Davit is a structure like a crane for rising, lowering, and supporting equipment for onshore, offshore applications, and building maintenance equipment. The offshore davit system is used in large vessels and ships for lowering the lifeboat in the ocean or any other equipment in the ocean. It is also used to retrieve persons from seawater. While davit system is using in façade cleaning operation also. Let’s see in detail about Davit System in Façade Cleaning.

Davit System in Building Façade Cleaning.

In the cleaning of the building façade, davit system are using which mounts on the terrace of the building. Pair of two davits help to lower the cradle from the terrace of the building to the ground for cleaning of the façade.

Davit systems consist of a davit, davit base, socket plate, socket pin, and fixing anchors or HDU(Holding Down Unit). Davit is made of the T6 tempered aluminum alloy to give good strength, and it has less weight.

During the installation of the davit system on the roof or parapet of the terrace, a socket plate is fixed on it with mechanical or chemical anchors. On socket plate, davit base gets installed with davit pin. These davit pins are easy to insert during installation and easy to remove.  

To lift the davit, we can use a ratchet mechanism with a long lever to lift. One end of the rope is attached to the davit, and the other end of the ratchet mechanism is fixed on a rigid platform. By rotating the lever of the ratchet mechanism, we can lift the davit at the desired position. In some cases, a davit lifter is used to lift the davit and then clamp it on a socket plate.

Davit has a rotating arm to help to adjust outreach during cleaning. It has the arrangement to rotate the arm around 360 degrees. Its inclined support help to reduce deflection caused due to heavy load.

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