Is Cord Cutting the Ultimate Solution?

The times have changed, and people are increasingly shifting towards streaming networks. It means that the cord-cutting trend is on the rise. However, with everyone around you doing just that, you might be confused about whether you should cut off your cable service completely. After cutting off, get on the bandwagon of streaming services or maybe entertain the idea of sticking with the traditional means of watching TV shows, movies, and other TV programs.

We understand your conflicting thoughts. After all, it is quite an important task to contemplate whether you want to give up on the ever-trusted cable service or not. Well, don’t stress over it.

In this article, we are going to help you in making your mind.

Change Your Mind

For starters, you should evaluate your priorities and think about the one thing that is more important to you if you choose to opt for a cable TV subscription.

Is it the channel lineup to makes you stick with it, or is it the major hike in prices that make you wonder if you should go for a streaming service?

In addition to this, your experience with your current cable TV provider could turn out to be a major driving force in your making a decision.

However, if you ask us, there are still some incredibly budget-friendly options out there like Spectrum, which offers reasonable plans in its Spectrum Select packages.

In addition to this, it also includes an impressive range of channel lineup, thousands of on-demand titles DVR service, and a free TV app. It essentially caters to the needs of all of its subscribers.

With this type of package, it could get pretty hard for you to give up on a cable TV subscription since you are getting practically everything, and that too at a minimal price point.

However, it is understandable that you still want to shift towards streaming services because of various reasons.

So, if this thought is constantly nagging you, then keep reading because the next few sections of this article are going to help you decide if cutting the cord is the right solution for you or not.  

Should You Entirely Cut Off Your Cable TV Cord?

Cord Cutting Diagram

We cannot deny that cable TV does take up a considerable sum from our already set budget. Many have tested and can vouch for the fact that it is one of the most expensive household utilities that you can find in this time and age.

It is probably why the cord-cutting trend is enveloping the whole country. Streaming services provide you with a cheaper and more convenient way of watching your favorite video-based content.

In this scenario, many people would definitely believe that going for a streaming site is the right choice, as long as you have a superfast and uninterrupted internet connection.

There are multiple reasons why people choose to cut cable TV altogether. Following are some of them.

Streaming Services are Comparatively Cheaper

When you compare the price point of both cable TV and different streaming sites, you would come to know that the latter costs you way less than the former.

You will begin to witness a vast difference between a cable TV subscription to a streaming subscription. Not only this, but the major change benefit that comes with streaming is that you no longer have to worry about overage charges since there is no contract policy.

But again, if you choose to go for Spectrum, you won’t have to worry about it as the packages and plans of this provider are completely contract-free.

Convenience Due to Streaming 

A streaming service subscription allows you umpteen options of viewing a wide range of content. As opposed to this, cable TV bounds you to your TV set with limited channels and a time constraint as well.

Moreover, if your current cable TV provider does not allow you to watch television on the go, then it is probably recommended to choose a streaming network over cable.

They allow you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on the go.

So, with streaming services, no matter where you are; in a café, at a restaurant, traveling through the subway, or killing time during a lunch break, you can watch an episode of your favorite series or catch up on the latest drama of a reality show by simply pulling up a streaming service on your compatible device.

Wide Range of Content on Streaming Sites

One of the reasons why people find streaming services way more suitable for them is that it gives you complete control over whatever you like to watch.

It also gives you control over which device you want to use for streaming and at what time. You don’t have to fight with your siblings over a remote control, nor do you have to argue with your partner.

The fact that you want to watch your favorite program at 9 pm because streaming services allow you to watch whatever you want, whenever you want.

Final Words

If you are wondering whether you should cut the cord, then you can check out the above-mentioned perks that you will get with streaming services, given that your internet provides you high speed, stable connectivity with no data caps. If you like to keep both the options – cable TV and an internet connection – you can look for bundle options provided by many leading telecom companies.

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