Lay-Off due to COVID 19.

The world get to know about the word ‚ÄėLay-Off‚Äô most in the COVID 19 pandemic. Due to this COVID 19 situation, most of the peoples in the world lost their jobs.¬†

This bad situation occurs due to the lockdown declared in various countries all over the world. The government advised to every person to stay at home & avoid non-essential travel. Many of the companies declared work from home. The lockdown includes factories, offices, schools, parks, aerospace, temples, railways, cinema halls, transportation, travel & tourism to shut down. All shops, even groceries were shut down. Only emergency (healthcare) facilities & medical shops are open. 

As per the recent report from International Management Consulting firm Arthur D Little, up to 136 million jobs could be lost & 121 million people might be pushed in poverty in India. The unemployment rate shot up to 27.1% in the week ended 3 May 2020.  

1. Reliance Industries announced a pay cut of up to 50% for some top oil & gas division employees on April 30. Those Employees earning around 15 lakh or more than Rs 15 lakh per year will face a 10% cut while a senior executive of the company will have to take 35% to 50% salary cut. Chairman Mukesh Ambani decided to forgo his entire salary for the year.

2. Zomato said they will cut 13% or about 525 jobs as a result of extended lockdown & restaurants shutting shop on 15 May 2020.

3. Swiggy is announced to lay-off 1,100 employees over the next few days. 

4. Uber technologies eliminated an additional 3,000 jobs on 18th May in India. The company closing many of the offices around the world & shutting down many of its ongoing side projects. Earlier this month, Uber lay off 3750 employees in human resources & customer support. Combining both the sets, the lay offs now works out to about 25.5% of the total workforce.

5. On 21st April 2020, the Oyo room said it would cut the salaries of all employees by 25% for four months, and also send some of the peoples on leave with limited benefits, Reuters reported.

6. Lyft laid off 17% of the workforce last month and cut the basic salaries of its top executives.

7. British airline Virgin Atlantic said on 5th May 2020 that it is planned to cut 3,100 jobs & would move its flying program from London Gatwick to Heathrow airport.

8. Healthcare starts up has also decided to lay off 10% of its employees & cut salaries across the board after the business took a hit following the coronavirus pandemic. 

9. Embassy Group owned company We work India  has decided to lay off around 20% of his staff with effect from June 2020. 

10. Airbnb Inc. announced it is cutting 25% of its workforce. 

11. US-based airplane major, Boeing, announced that it is planning to cut nearly 10% of its workforce or about 10,00 jobs on April 11. 

12. TripAdvisor is reducing staff by 900 employees, due to COVID pandemic hammered the travel industry on 28th April 2020.  

13. Scandinavian & Norwegian Airlines announced the temporary lay off 90% of its workforce on 16 March 2020.   

14. Accenture laid off 900 employees from UK.

15. On 19th March, Air Canada announced to laid off 5,000 employees.

16. On 23rd March GE announced to laid off 10% of aviation unit employees. Larry Culp CEO of GE decided to forgo his whole year salary & CEO of GE Aviation David Joyce forgo its half year salary due to COVID Pandemic.

Due to this huge lay off, most of the peoples are searching job. If any known or unknown person asks for help then please try to help them.

(Exact number may differ from above numbers.)

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