New iPhone 14 User? You Must Know This

Have you got a new iPhone 14? Congratulations!

Whether you have upgraded from iPhone 12/13 or finally decided to join the iPhone family, you must follow these essential tips and tricks to get the most out of your phone.

New iPhone 14 User? You Must Know This

Make The Transition Smoother Using Quick Start

If you are already an iPhone user and have loads of backed-up data, you can transfer all the data to your new phone using the Quick Start function.

Keep your old phone next to your new phone, and a little popup window will be displayed asking if you wish to transfer all the data to your new device. Then, enter the 6-digit password of your old phone when prompted and follow the on-screen instructions.

Setting up your phone this way saves you from the hassle of re-installing apps you use regularly. Also, you will find all the apps and programs arranged like your old phone.

Turn On The Backup For Your New Device

One of the first things to do is turn on backup for your new device and set it to automatic. For this, you must have an iCloud account, and if you don’t have one, create it.

Then, you can head to the Settings app and select iCloud. You can customize the data you wish to back up to the cloud storage.

For instance, your saved contacts are one of the essential data you must back up. If you accidentally lose your phone or delete a contact, there must be a way to retrieve the contact. Otherwise, you will be cut off from your personal and professional networks. You can back up your iPhone contacts via iCloud, Gmail, and iTunes. Alternatively, you can use the AnyTrans application to back up your contacts to your Mac. Click here to learn all the different ways you can create a backup for your iPhone contacts.

Similarly, you can back up the videos, photos, and other media files on your phone using iCloud and the other methods mentioned above.

Update The Ios Version

Before you start using your iPhone, you must check for software updates. Go to the Settings app > General > Software Update. The latest iOS version will come with bug fixes and security improvements.

Modify The Display Settings

If you are using the new iPhone 14 Pro, you must know the phone comes with an always-on-display feature. This feature highlights the clock and dims the wallpaper. The feature is enabled by default. However, this may drain your phone’s battery, or you might not find it useful.

In this case, you can adjust the display settings and toggle off the Always On option. To do this, head to the Settings app > Display & Brightness > turn off the Always On option.

Besides this, you can adjust other display settings on your iPhone 14.

  1. You can turn on Dark mode so it is easier to use your phone in dark light. Also, this feature saved battery life. If you don’t want the Dark mode turned on all the time, you can tap the Automatic switch and choose between Light until Sunset or create a Custom Schedule.
  2. Modify the Auto Lock for the default thirty seconds.
  3. Turn on the Night Shift feature so that some blue hues are filtered from your screen and save your eyes.

You can also change the wallpaper and experiment with other such display setting

Alter The Notification Style

By default, your iPhone 14 will show you a count or number of notifications to inform you how many notifications you haven’t seen. But you can modify this, and instead of a number of notifications, you can have a stack or list of notifications.

To alter how you view your notifications, go to the Settings app > tap Notifications > choose one of the two options at the top of the screen under Display As.

Turn On The Haptic Keyboard

Apple added haptic feedback as part of iOS 16 to its stock keyboard. Thanks to this, you will feel subtle vibrations or taps when you type. You can turn this on by going to the Settings app > tapping Sound and Haptics > choosing Keyboard feedback > toggling on the Haptic option.

Update the apps

You must hit up the App Store to update all the apps on your phone. Launch the App Store > tap your account icon > select update. Wait for a few minutes to let all the apps get updated.

You can also enable auto-update by going to the Settings app > App Store > App Updates and toggle the auto-updates option.

The Bottom Line

These are some things you must know to use your new iPhone 14. Besides these, you must set up your Face ID and can even create a hidden note. In addition, use Siri to make navigating your iPhone easier, and utilize the back tap feature to take screenshots and more.

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