Ultimate Guide on Headphone Parts: Names, Functions & Diagram

Overview of Headphone Anatomy

As we all know, gadgets have changed the life of human beings. Out of these gadgets, headphone is at the top list. Some peoples use them to listen to songs, and some wear them as a style. It becomes a vital aspect of a human being’s life. Before buying any headphones, we must know about all parts of headphones. The quality of headphones depends on the quality & the durability of the headphones’ parts.

We must know every headphone parts we can replace. So before throwing damaged headphones into the garbage, we can source their replacement part. So we must know all parts of headphones.

Headphones Parts Diagram

Parts of Headphones, Names, Functions & Diagram

Parts of Headphones Names

  • Driver
  • Cable
  • Jack
  • Headband
  • Speaker
  • Headphone Cushion
  • Microphone

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Headphones Parts with Functions


As the name suggests driver can run the car, this driver of the headphones is also running the headphone. This driver is nothing but a mechanism of headphones where sound is coming.

It is a tiny loudspeaker that converts electrical energy to sound energy. This driver consists of a magnet, diaphragm, and voice coil. The quality of sound is dependent upon the size of the driving unit.

The quality of the driver unit is mainly dependent on the thickness of the diaphragm. The lower the thickness, the higher the sound.


The cable is nothing but a long piece of wire which connects to the headphone jack with headphones. This cable is covered with a non-conductive material, especially rubber.

Cable forms a route, which passes sound from devices mainly smartphones to headphone speakers. The cable is one of the long and most flexible parts of the headphone.

So, it will lead to bending and twisting because of the extensive use of headphones. Due to this, there is a chance to break or wear the cable.

This type of worn cable will affect the quality of sound. So, to avoid this type of situation, most headphones come with wireless technology.


Jack of headphones is a small hard part found at the end of the cable. It is nothing but plugs in/ plug out a device that completes the electrical circuit connections.

It enables us to travel the sound from our smartphone to our ears via cable. As the jack is very prone to twist at his end, which will lead to damage and give a bad effect on sound quality.


As we know, a headphone cushion is responsible for giving comfort to any listener, but it is not as correct. The headband is the main part that is very much responsible for comfort because it lies exactly on top of our heads. It is the only reason to get extra comfort to any listener.

Headbands are generally made up of foam, leather, and pleather. The level of comfort is only dependent upon what type of material is used in the headband. It is necessary to choose the correct material for the headband.


As we have discussed above, the driver is one of the main components of headphones because it converts electrical energy into sound. But one of the main components of headphones is the speaker.

Without a speaker, we are not able to receive sound. Speaker comes in various types, but the noise-canceling speaker is one of the trending speakers in the current century.

Headphone Cushion

The headphone cushion is one of the essential parts of headphones because it gives comfort to any listener. These headphone cushions are soft and made up of special foam.

It covers the speaker of the headphone impressively. Another main advantage of a headphone cushion is it gives a good grip on our ears, so they don’t fall.

Some headphone cushions are specially designed to isolate noise from the surrounding. The shape, material, and design of the cushion reduce surrounding noise and give a better quality of sound.


Headsets and headphones are two different things. The headset has inbuilt microphones so; we can listen and speak as well.

Microphones are divided into two types

a) Omnidirectional:

The omnidirectional microphone picks the sound from all directions.

b) Unidirectional:

The unidirectional microphone picks the sound from only one direction. This unidirectional microphone is the best headphone because there is no disturbance from the surrounding.

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