Ultimate Guide for 20 Parts of Shoes: Names, Functions & Diagram

Nowadays, there are so many fashion trends available. However, the craze for wearing different types of shoes is still alive and has many demands and requirements. A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot. They are often worn with a sock. Shoes are also used as decoration and fashion items. Many people own different types of shoes available in their homes and utilize distinct shoes during sports, exercise, function, and others. But most people don’t know the parts of shoes. I think everyone should have known at least some preliminary shoe parts before buying them. So you can check it very well & no one can make you fool.

There are so many branded companies that manufacture shoes. Some of them are Puma, Nike, Adidas, and more. As per the type of shoes, some of the parts of shoes vary. Let’s then look at some common shoe parts with a diagram.

Parts of a Shoe Diagram

Parts of a Shoe, Names & Diagram

Shoe Parts

  • Toe Tip
  • Vamp
  • Outsole EVA
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Mudguard
  • Triple Stitch
  • Perforation Vents
  • Single Stitch
  • Eyestay & Eyelets
  • Quarter
  • Tongue Logo
  • Shoelace
  • Throat
  • Tongue
  • Collar
  • EVA Midsole
  • Heel Counter
  • Heel Stabilizer
  • Shoe Heel
  • Heel Notch
  • Mustache

Parts of a Shoe & Functions

Toe Tip

It is the tip of the shoe. It is the first eye-catching part & its shape and design give an attractive look to the shoe. The primary function of the toe is to protect the legs and fingers from bigwigs, hazards, & other accidents.

It uses a different type of material to make a toe tip. But the toe tip has good strength. In most industrial shoes, the toe tip is made of a heavy material to resist falling off heavy load. It also protects the operator from injury.


The vamp is to cover the front foot and join the quarter.

Outsole EVA

Outsole EVA is the bottom lining of the shoe from which the rubber outsole starts & gives support to the rubber outsole. The rubber outsole is stitched or glued to the outsole EVA.

Rubber Outsole

The rubber outsole is the outermost bottom part of the shoe. It is exposed to extreme weather conditions while walking or running. So, it is made of hard materials such as leather, PVC, rubber, and more.

It has a different shape to get a better grip while walking & running on the road. Depending on the type of shoe & application, its design depends. It is vulnerable to moisture and water.


A mudguard is a layer of leather that has vent holes.

Triple Stitch

Triple stitching is the primary stitching of the shoe. It gives adequate strength to the shoe part to get in contact for a longer time. It is given to those portions where the high impact of force acts.

Perforation Vents

These are the small holes that help the air circulation inside the shoe. Better air circulation inside the shoes gives comfort and reduces the nasty smell of the shoes.

Single Stitch

Single stitching is the secondary stitching of the shoe. It helps to connect low-force acting parts of the shoes.

Eyestay & Eyelets

Eyestay is the part of the shoe that hoses small circular holes. These small circular holes are known as eyelets. There are two eyestay from which laces can travel throughout the length.


It’s a large portion of the shoe that starts from the end of the vamp & surrounds the heel of the shoe. Eyestay is stitched to the quarter.

Tongue Logo

The tongue is the part of the shoe where we can analyze original and fake copies of the shoe. The original manufacturer attached its logo & name on it.


Shoelaces are long-length strips of good material that pass through the eyelets. Due to that, when the person puts his feet into the shoe, it helps in tightening & loosening the shoe.


The throat is the portion near the shoe opening, where we make a knot of the lace at the last eyelet.


It is a portion of material that sits on top of the foot arch. It is in-between part of the foot arch and lace. When someone wears a shoe, he tights the laces. So, the tongue helps to distribute pressure over the foot.

It is connected to the vamp and made of smooth material.


It is a soft top edge of the shoes that gives comfort while wearing a shoe.

EVA Midsole

It is a layer between the insole & outsole. The use of the EVA midsole is to support the EVA outsole.

Heel Counter

It is the rear part of the shoe that supports the heel. It is round in shape from the backside of the shoe & gives better fitment after wearing the shoe.

Heel Stabilizer

It is an extra attachment to the shoe to support the heel counter. It is hard and absorbs most of the force and side force imposed while running.

Shoe Heel

The shoe heel is the part of shoes in the rear part of the shoe whose function is to add height to the shoe, which gives an excellent look.

The shoe heel forms from two parts: a heel seat and a top piece with a thick slice of rubber or leather.

Heel Notch

Most American shoemakers add a notch on the bottom part of the shoe near the heel to prevent your heel from getting caught or snagging your pants cuffs. This heel notch is also called a Gentlemen Notch or Gentlemen Corner.


A mustache is the part of a shoe attached to the shoe above the heel counterpart. The most classic sneaker will have a mustache.

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