Complete Guide to 11 Key Pool Parts: Names, Functions & Diagram

Where would you like to enjoy your summer days? I think the first choice for everyone would be the swimming pool. Many peoples play different games in the swimming pool. But how many of you know the swimming pool parts? How does water circulates inside the swimming pool? How does the water look so clean? It is only possible due to the pool parts. This article will show swimming pool anatomy, its components, names & functions.

Pool Parts Diagram

Swimming Pool Parts, Names & Diagram

Parts Of Swimming Pool Names

  • Pump
  • Filter
  • Skimmer
  • Main drain
  • Return lines
  • Suction lines
  • Valves
  • Pipes
  • Heater
  • Chemical Feeders
  • Sanitizer

Swimming Pool Parts


The pump’s primary function is to create a suction by rotating the impeller to pull the water from a lower to a higher level. The motor helps to rotate the impeller.

In swimming, the pool pump helps to push water inside the tank continuously to the filtration unit to clean the water from debris, contamination, and other harmful things.

With the electrical power, we can operate the pump. We can select the pump as per the size of the swimming pool. Larger the pool size, the higher the horsepower of the pump.

There are three types of pool pumps. One speed has only one speed, two speed has two speeds (low & high), and variable pump has various rates. Nowadays, a variable pump is the first choice due to less power consumption.


As the name suggests, it filters the water from the swimming pool through the pump. Water passing through the filter traps dirt, contamination, and other particles. Due to that water inside the swimming pool becomes clean.

There are three types of filters available.

  • Sand filter- Its function is to filter the water and clean the debris of a size larger than 20 microns. It is necessary to replace the sand filter after every 5 to 10 years.
  • Cartridge filter- This filter catches debris of 10 to 20 microns. It is essential to replace this filter after 6 to 12 months.
  • Diatomaceous filter- This filter can catch debris of smaller than 5 microns. This filter needs to clean every time after use of the swimming pool.


The skimmer is the port on the wall of the tank, which controls the overflowing of the water. It contains the skimmer basket that collects the flower, leaves, leaves, and insects.

Spool water first passes from the skimmer and then passes to the filter. Due to that, it is necessary to clean the skimmer regularly to prevent the blockage of the system.

In the swimming pool, multiple skimmers are present on the walls. It also helps in the distribution of chlorine throughout the pool.

Main Drain

These are the main pipelines under the pool, which help to drain the water from the pool. These main pipes are connected to the pump and sent for filtration.

In the modern swimming pools, two main drains are present, whereas, in the old system, only one drain system is present.

While draining the pool, it is necessary to empty it from the people. While draining, high suction of water can harm people.

Return Lines

After filtering the water inside the filter, it returns to the pool through the return line. These are the PVC pipes.

Suction Lines

These lines connect the skimmer port to the skimmer bucket. From the rectangular skimmer, port water enters into the suction lines. Further, it passes to the filtering unit through the skimmer bucket.


Different valves in the piping system are open and closed to allow the water to pass through the pipes. We can regulate them whenever we require.


These are different pipes that connect with other units and carry the water. Almost all pipes are PVC which reduces the costs.


The heater is the added extra feature available for the pools. It helps to heat the water as per our requirement. Season-wise, we can change the temperature of the water. Solar heating, gas heating, and heat pump systems are available to heat the water.

Chemical Feeders

It is an extra feature that helps to feed chlorine, minerals, or bromine into the water. It has a content measuring device that measures the above content into the water and provides them in a timely.

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Main drain
Return lines
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