12 Essential Parts of a Shower: Names, Functions & Diagram

Overview of Shower Parts

The shower is a spray of cold, warm, or hot water under which a person can bathe. Nowadays, we can find a shower in every bathroom. It helps us to improve our bathing experience. Many people want their bathroom tempting. Hence, various parts of a shower are designed & manufactured precisely and placed in the bathrooms at the ergonomically correct location to access it smoothly. Many companies are available in the market, which make shower parts, and its price varies as per the material quality. We will go through all those components and their functions with a diagram.

Parts of a Shower Diagram

Parts of a Shower, Names, Functions & Diagram

Shower Parts Names

  • Shower Head
  • Valve
  • Shower Pan
  • Water Supply
  • Pipe
  • Shower Drain / Shower Strainer
  • Shower Cartridge
  • Shower Hose
  • Waste Outlet Pipe
  • Shut-Off Valves
  • Enclosure
  • Shower Door

Parts of a Shower

Shower Head

The showerhead is the topmost part of the shower system. It’s made of chrome, copper, or plastic. It is available in circular, rectangular, and depending on the manufacturer’s design standards. Its primary function is to release a steady water stream while bathing.

It has small holes that help to streamline the flow and spread water equally. We can change the flow rate with the help of knobs as per our requirement. Water comes into the showerhead through the steel hose.

Parts of the Head

  • Arm- It is a tube that allows water to flow and acts as a support member to the shower. It comes out from the hole in the wall and hides it.
  • Escutcheons- It is a flange that conceals the pipe. These flanges are stylish and give an attractive look to the bathroom.

Shower Valve

The function of the valve is to regulate the flow rate. The valve controls the water flow rate, pressure, and temperature in stylish showers. We can change any of the above three things as per our comfort. It is hidden inside the wall.

Types of Shower Valves

  • Pressure Balancing- In our house, if we have multiple bathrooms and a single water tank, then a pressure drop occurs. If two people are taking a shower in two different bathrooms, then it creates a pressure imbalance. Somewhere, it is more, and it is less. Also, it creates a temperature imbalance. So, pressure-balancing valves don’t produce these kinds of issues.
  • Thermostatic- In this valve, they have two different controls. One is for controlling pressure, and the other is for controlling temperature. These are expensive valves.

Parts of Shower Valves

  • Valve Stem
  • Sleeve
  • End Cap
  • Washer
  • Short Sleeve
  • Bonnet
  • Screw
  • Centre Cap
  • O Ring
  • Long Sleeve
  • Handle Arm
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Shower Pan

It is just below the showerhead. A person stands on it while taking a shower. It has an outlet to drain the water.

If the leak pan leaks, it may rust another part of the bathroom. So, it is necessary to find and resolve the leakage problem as soon as possible.

Water Supply

Water supply is the water tank available on the terrace of the home or apartment. It is available from 500 liters capacity to 50,000 liters capacity. It is full of cold water.

Whenever the water level drops, it is necessary to fill it with water because less water in the tank causes low water pressure and creates problems during bath.

Water tanks in some homes or apartments are built with cement concrete or plastic material.


The function of the pipes is to direct the water flow to the showerhead area during the bath. There are two pipe systems available in the shower.

The Inlet system drives hot and cold water through the pipes and drainage system to allow wastewater to drain out.

In old homes, these pipes are galvanized steel pipes. Due to the repeated use of the shower, contamination collects inside the pipe and creates a problem with water flow.

So, in modern showers, copper pipes are used to reduce this problem. But due to higher costs, nowadays, PEX or PVC pipes are the selections of most people due to low price.

Shower Drain / Shower Strainer

It is a wastewater management system in the shower. It allows you to drain out the wastewater during the bath.

Parts of a Shower Drain System

  • Drain Cover- It is available in the shower pan. Firstly, water comes in contact with it. It is made of no corrosive metals or plastic.
  • Drain Tailpiece- It seals the pipe inside the bottom of the shower pan.
  • Drain P-trap- It helps to prevent the formation of sewage gases. It drains the water from the bathroom after a bath. In case of blockage, we can open it and clean it.
  • Trap Arm- It is the tail end of the P Trap.

Shower Cartridge

Its function is to control the flow of hot and cold water. While pulling the trigger, we can move the cartridge to get hot or cold water.

Shower Hose

It connects the hand shower to the inlet pipe & it is flexible to use. With this hose, we can move the hand shower to our body part to spray water.

Waste Outlet Pipe

It is a drainage pipe of the shower system, which removes the wastewater from the bathroom. It is generally made of plastic or PVC.

Shut-Off Valves

Its function is to close or stop the water flow completely throughout the system. When this valve opens, then we can take a bath.

During maintenance, the shut-off valve stops the water flow to replace the parts and make the system leakproof.


These are the tiles we see on the wall of the bathroom. Generally, they are made of stone, chemical, or glass tiles.

They are available in various shapes like rectangles, squares, and many others. Its size, color, design, and style differ per the manufacturer. It improves the look of the bathroom and makes it stylish.

Shower Door

This door is made of aluminum, glass, or metal. It is for entering or exiting the shower room. In most modern shower rooms, the doors are of non-transparent glass. It gives an attractive look to the shower room.

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Shower Door Parts

  • Side Jamb- It is a stationary frame portion inside the wall on the right side.
  • Strike Jamb- It is a frame portion on which a door strikes.
  • Stationery Panel- This panel is fixed on the right side of the shower door.
  • Hing Rail- Hing is the portion where the door connects to the hinge-side jamb. So that we can open and close it while bathing.
  • Hinge Side Jamb- It holds the door to get open and close.
  • Door Header- It is the top support of the door frame.
  • Magnetic Strike Plate- This plate acts as a lock of the door. When the door strikes this plate, the magnet attracts each other to close the door.
  • Base Track- It is the bottom portion of the door frame.
  • Door Handle- We utilize the handle while opening and closing the door.
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