Parts of Glasses, Names, Functions & Diagrams

Overview of Glasses Anatomy

In today’s world, human beings are facing many challenges with infection, diseases, inability, genetic problems, viruses, and more. It may be due to globalization, eating habits, pollution, foods, use of pesticides, changing lifestyles, and more. But the common problem most people face is eye problems. They are not able to see clearly with their eyes. There are various reasons. So as a solution to this, eyeglasses were developed. Different eyeglasses parts are available in the market, like frames, which are so popular. The parts of glasses have equal importance in eyeglasses.

Also, in the summer seasons, peoples use sunglasses to protect them from sun rays. These sunglasses parts and eyeglasses parts are the same, but there is a difference in the lenses. Sunglasses are the fashion of today’s generation. So, in this article, we will see the sunglass parts, names, and diagrams.

Sunglasses Parts Diagram

Parts of Glasses and Sunglasses, Names & Diagram

Glasses Parts Names

  • Rims
  • Bridge
  • Top Bar
  • Nose pads
  • Pad Arms
  • End Piece
  • Hinges
  • Lenses
  • Temples
  • Temple Tips
  • Screws
  • Bifocal

Parts of Glasses


Rim is the part of the glasses that hold the lens in it. It makes glasses more attractive and stylish. They are available in various colors & shapes like circular, rectangular, square, oval, elliptical, etc.

Its shape and size create an attractive look for the person.

In some of the glasses, rims are full, half, or rimless. Depending on the requirement, we can choose the rims. Its material is metal, fiber, plastic, or polycarbonate.


It is a central part of the glasses that bears all the weight. It connects right & left rims with each other. Depending on the size of the face and nose, its length can be increases and decrease, and design changes.

In some glasses, the bridge directly mounts on the upper portion of the nose. The broad face, low nose, and high cheekbone suit low bridge fit glasses.

Top Bar

The top bar is on the upper side of the bridge, which helps to connect two rims. It increases the appearance of the glasses. In some glasses, there is no top bar. Instead of it, the bridge is broad and has good strength to take all load.

Nose Pads

Nose pads are circular or elliptical and rest on the nose. It is on either side of the rims and connects to it by the padded arm. It helps to keep glasses on the nose and gives comfort to the person.

In metal glasses, plastic or rubber is the nose pad material, whereas, in plastic glasses, nose pads are in-built.

Pad Arms

Pad arms are small metal rods that connect to the rims and hold nose pads. It is adjustable as per our requirement. It is only available on metal frames.

End Piece

The end-piece is the outer end of the rims, which helps to connect hinges to the rims. It has a different design which increases the look of the glasses.


The hinges are the pivot point, which is in between the temples and the endpiece. Due to hinges, we can open and close the glasses. With the help of a screw, hinges and temples are connected.


Lenses are the most important of the glasses. Without lenses, we can’t say it is eyeglass. It becomes the only frame. It is fully transparent, which gives us clear visibility of the world.

As per your need or doctor’s prescription, we can design and make them get clear visibility.

There are various types of lenses available in the market. For those individuals who work on the computer, progressive lenses, blue cut rays lenses, and anti-glare lenses are the best choices.


The function of the screw is to connect the end piece to the temples. Without a screw, we are not able to join both of them.


Temples are the arms that sit on our ears to get a proper grip. These are connected to the end piece by screws. Its length varies as per design or requirement.


Bifocal is available in the reading glasses. It is a magnification focal available on the lower side of the lenses. It helps to magnify words and other objects.


As we all know, so many peoples in the world require eye correction to improve their efficiency at work. It is a global issue, and glasses are the best solution. So the information about each glass’s parts gives you the ability to choose the best glass per your need. It helps to make the glasses more attractive.

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