Parts of Belt Buckle Diagram

Overview of Belt & Buckle Anatomy

The belt is one of the important clothing accessories which we use daily. There are many sizes, types, and shapes of belts in the market. Generally, humans wear the belt on their waist on top of their pants. Leather, runner, or synthetic materials are the typical material of the belt. There are many types of belt buckles available, which give an impressive look to appearance.

Belt Buckle Parts Diagram

Parts of Belt Buckle Diagram

Belt Parts

  • The Belt strap
  • Buckle
  • Frame
  • Prongs
  • Bar
  • Loop
  • Tongue
  • End Tip

Parts of a Belt

Belt Strap

The belt strap is one of the important and longer parts of the bet. Leather, rubber, or other synthetic are standard materials for belt straps. It is the part that surrounds our waist.

There are some holes drawn on the belt strap, which are according to the size of the waist. We can adjust the prongs in the strap to make it fit or loose.


The buckle is part of the belt fixed at one end of the belt. Its material is stainless steel or other material for getting a glossy look to our belt. This buckle is to fix the belt to our waist. There are many types and designs available in the market, which improve the look of belts.

The buckle is made up of three different parts.


The base of the buckle is known as the frame. It helps to hold the prong and bar in one place. It is available in various designs, sizes, and shapes, such as circular, rectangular, or oval. The cowboy frame is one of the most popular frames all over the USA.

Usually, the frame material is stainless steel, but in the vintage time, this was made with copper to improve the aesthetic of the belt.


The prong has also been named a pin, which has a point at one end. The material of the frame & prong is the same. The main function of the prong is to get fit in the required hole, to adjust to our waist size.


The upper part of the belt is called the bar of the belt. The bar connects the frame and prong. Its function is to secure the belt strap in position after inserting prongs in the required hole.


The loop is the part of the belt which goes under the strap after tightening or loosening the belt. Without the loop, the out tongue of our belt feels like hanging near our waist.


The tongue is the other end of the belt, which is of the same material as the belt strap. It is the part of the belt which goes inside the loop. The size of the tongue is directly proportional to the size of the belt.

End Tip

The end tip is the end part of the strap. The shape of the end tip is generally oval, which shows the end of the strap.

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