WhiteHat Jr and Review

Basic Information about WhiteHat Jr.

WhiteHat Jr. Founder & CEO- Karan Bajaj

WhiteHat Jr Office Address- 2A, 2nd Floor, Whitehat Jr, WeWork Chromium Milind Nagar, L&T Flyover, Andheri (E, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072.

WhiteHat Jr Contact No- 022 6833 7300


WhiteHat Jr is a Mumbai based start-up founded by the Karan Baja in the year of 2018. The main motive of this start-up is to empower the kids for the future of the coding & technology of the computers. These courses are especially for the kids of the age group from six to fourteen years. In this, teachers teach a student how to do coding & share knowledge via a video. This application helps kids to learn programming via the online courses designed for the kids. These courses encourage kids to create applications, games, animations & other things related to programming.

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Why give knowledge of coding to your kids?

The creativity of kids is at peak level when they are of age six years. As their age increases, it gets declined with some instances. Kids are like wet clay; Whatever shape you will give, they become like that. If every parent provides the knowledge of the coding to their kids from an early age, then it will be so beneficial in the future. 

If you imagine, before the Industrial Revolution, there is no use of computers. But, now most of the things, machines are getting operated by computers & by mobile applications. These are the power of coding, networking & power electronics. If your kid becomes a master in the coding, then in the future, it will help in developing creative ideas that will helpful for everyone. Today is time to invest in your kid’s knowledge of coding rather than thinking about their future. If you invest in right now, then there is no need to think about their future. They will do something creative & big. 

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What Byju says about WhiteHat Jr. & why they acquired WhitHat Jr?

WhiteHat Jr. is the less than two years old start-up (around 18-month-old), which is acquired by the Byju in the 300 Million dollars cash deal. This happens for the first time in Indian history that less than a 2-year-old Indian start-up gets acquired in this much amount. 

The reason behind the Byju acquired WhiteHat Jr. is that New Education Policy says that the student can choose to code from 6th class onwards & which is approved by the Narendra Modi – led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government.

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What parents think about the career of their kids?

In this digital world, we are witnessing that the coming new generation is so much fast forward in terms of technology.
For that, as a parent, I need to keep myself align with the latest trends in technology. As much as I can forecast, I see in the next 10-15 years, there will be a huge demand for artificial intelligence & the computerized coding will be the base.

So to grab this excellent opportunity, I will orient my kid’s future towards it from their childhood age. And with the help of WhiteHat Jr, I can do very easily. They are providing a very creative environment for the kids. Because of this, from their childhood age, kids will start thinking creatively with a positive attitude. Due to that, at their young age of 18-20 years, they can do best and excel in their career.

As we know, things need to update as the situation changes. Likewise, the education pattern will change soon.

Apart from all this, Whitehat Jr played a major role in this pandemic. Because during this job-hunting period, Whitehat Jr offered some jobs.

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WhiteHat Jr. Courses & Fees

WhiteHat Jr. Fees & Courses

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