Complete Guide for Microwave Parts: Names, Functions & Diagram

In most homes, the microwave is one of the important instruments used to cook food, defrost, grill, or reheat. Whenever someone wants to make food hot, they can place it in and heat it. In the winter season, microwaves are used more. Due to its frequent use, there is a chance of a breakdown. If you know the microwave parts, then you can find the problem and replace them. But if you are not aware of the parts of the microwave, then the repair person needs to call. There are possibilities of incurring more repair costs or suggesting replacing them. So, to avoid such possibilities, we must know every part of the microwave. In this article, we will see microwave anatomy, its components, names & functions.

Microwave Parts Diagram

Microwave Parts, Names, Functions, Diagram

Microwave Parts Names

Following are the external and internal parts of the microwave.

Internal Parts

  • High Voltage Transformer
  • Magnetron
  • Waveguide
  • Cooling Fan
  • Turntable
  • Cooking Cavity

External Parts

  • Power Cord
  • Door
  • Control Panel

Parts of a Microwave and their functions


As we know, microwaves require high-voltage energy to cook food instantly. In the United States, an electrical plug only gives electricity with a voltage of 115 Volt, and this is not sufficient energy to cook food instantly. So the microwave has a high voltage transformer in the microwave.

This high-voltage transformer alters the voltage at the desired level to cook the food instantly. A high-voltage transformer consists of a series of capacitors, and it loops the electric current to multiply the power and give it to the microwave.


The microwave magnetron consists of a vacuum-like tube and a strong magnet placed on the same side of the control panel. Its function is to receive high voltage electricity coming from the transformer and convert this electricity into the microwave. It is for cooking food.

Magnetron uses a specially created diode that controls the electron using a magnetic field. These two round-shaped magnets deflect the electron and move in a circular direction. This electron moves in the cavities of the anode and creates microwaves.

Earlier, this magnetron was big, but due to technological evolution, magnetron has become compact, which is very reliable.


A waveguide is used to guide the microwaves coming from the magnetron. It is made from a hollow metal tube that transfers the microwave into the microwave cavity.

The inner wall of microwaves is reflective, which helps to heat the food quickly.

Cooling Fan or Stirrer

As we all know, heating instruments have a chance of overheating, and the same thing applies to microwaves. A cooling fan inside the microwave cavity helps to reduce overheating.

It overcomes the extra heat within the cavity. It brings it back to a safe level by distributing air in the cavity.

In older microwaves, the stirrer is used instead of a cooling fan, but its function is the same as a cooling fan.

Cooking Case or Cooking Cavity

It is helpful to cook, grill, or defrost the food inside the cooking case. As we all know, the cooking case is smaller than the entire microwave.

The microwaves coming from magnetron are very harmful to every human being. So that the cooking case is deep & walls are very thick just because not transferred microwaves through the atmosphere.

Rotating Disc / Turntable

A rotating disc or turntable fits inside the microwave through a locking mechanism. Its function is to rotate the food at 360 degrees, which will help cook the food more evenly from all directions.

It is made up of a glass plate. This rotating disc is easy to remove, and we can clean it also.

The microwave door comes with a special seal at the sides, which will help to close the cooking cavity in a very secure and protective manner.

Control Panel

The Control panel is a set of buttons or knobs to instruct the food by performing proper settings. The Control panel comes with knobs, buttons, or touch screens depending upon the type and brand of microwave.

With this control panel, we can set cooking time, the intensity of cooking, or some function such as defrost or grill mode. The series of numbers starting from 0-9 helps set the cooking timing & one digital display that counts the remaining time of cooking food. We can also set the alarm for the cooking time.


It allows the user to place or remove the food from the microwave. Its function is to seal the microwave from all sides. It has a rubber seal on the edges of the door, which secures the compartment when the door is closed.

This door also prevents the microwave from getting out of the microwave. The microwave door comes with transparent glass, which helps to keep an eye on the food inside it.

Metal mesh lining on the door prevents the microwaves from passing through the glass door. The gap in the mesh is large enough to keep an eye on the food inside the cavity.

Power Cord

The power cord is the cable to give a direct supply of electricity to the microwave, and it directly connects to the main power supply.

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