12 Parts of a Washing Machine: Complete Guide with Diagram

It is very monotonous work washing clothes. Every weekend we have to spend our quality time washing clothes. No one likes to do this. So, to get rid of it, people use the washing machine to wash their clothes. But only using a washing machine is not enough. You have to know about the parts of the washing machine. The washing machine parts diagram gives you the location of every part. When you know them, then you can use the machine very effectively. You will get to know about their functions and working. So you can replace them when there is an issue. In this article, we will see washing machine anatomy, their names & diagram.

Diagram of Washing Machine Parts

Washing Machine Parts, Names, Functions & Diagram

Washing Machine Parts

  • Water Pump
  • Drain Pipe
  • Water Inlet Valve
  • Water Supply Hose
  • Tub/Drum
  • Agitator/Paddles
  • Motor
  • Circuit Board
  • Timer
  • Control panel Heating element
  • Wash Selector
  • Water Level Control

Parts Of A Washing Machine & Its Functions

Water Pump

Its function is to supply water during the wash cycle and drain out the water after rinsing the clothes. In some machines, there is a separate pump for the water inlet and water outlet, whereas, in some machines, a single pump does both works. New washing machines use only one water pump for water draining.

Drain Pipe

The drain pipe is to drain the water after washing the clothes to the drainage. One end connects to the pump, and the other to the drainage source.

Water Inlet Valve

It is for supplying water to the machine during the wash cycle. Some machines have one port available for cold water supply, and the internal heater heats to a particular temperature.

Some machines have two ports functional for cold and hot water supply during the wash cycle. Depending on the type of machine, the inlet valve opens and closes manually or automatically.

Water Inlet Hose

Through the water inlet hose, water comes inside the washing machine. The inlet valve controls the flow rate of the water. Generally, it is of plastic material.


There are two tubs present in the machine. The first tub is the inner tub in which clothes are washed during the wash cycle. It has perforations to water come in and out.

The outer tub supports the inner tub and prevents water leakage into the other area of the washing machine.


Its size, shape, and design vary as per the manufacturer. It is a middle rotating member with an impeller. Its function is to rotate the clothes and rub them against each other. Due to that dirt from the clothes gets removed.


The motor gives the motion to the agitator or impeller to rotate. So, it creates a vortex of water to spin the clothes inside the bucket.

Circuit Board

The Circuit board acts as the brain of the washing machine. It provides the signal to the control panel and other electronics about the operation to complete.


It is for fixing the desired time for the wash cycle. While washing the clothes, we can set a time, and it automatically stops. So, it is better to save electricity and unnecessary use of the washing cycle.

Control Panel

It consists of all buttons and indicators. We can give the command to the washing machine through the control panel.

Heating Element

It heats the water to the desired temperature during the wash cycle. It is not available on all machines.

Wash Selector

It is a knob that helps to select the wash type. With this knob, we can drain water, start the wash cycle at different speeds and rinse the drain water.

Water Level Control

It controls the inlet of water inside the machine. If water inside the machine exceeds the level, water level control stops the water inlet valve. So it saves the water from getting overflowing.

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