Ultimate Guide- 22 Car Interior Parts: Names, Functions & Diagram

Overview of Car Interior Parts

In the first impression, we look at how the car looks from the outside. But how it looks from the inside is also an important thing. The car looks attractive from the inside due to its car interior parts. As per the manufacturer, there is a difference in the design, but their function remains the same. Nowadays, many cars look superb from the inside due to the lighting and the design. It also gives you better comfort while driving. So we have to get information about the interior parts of the car. It will help you while buying the car and its maintenance.

Interior Car Parts Diagram

Car Interior Parts, Names, Functions & Diagram

Car Interior Parts Names

  • Steering wheel
  • Seats
  • Seat belt
  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard Silencer
  • Gear Lever with an Arrangement
  • Floor Carpet
  • Car Lighting
  • Car back mirror
  • Hand Brake
  • Air Bags
  • Power Window Control
  • Air vent and Ventilation Control
  • Tibia Pad
  • Headliner
  • Door Trim
  • Door Weather Strip
  • Scuff Plate Ornament
  • Injection Moulded Baffle
  • Assist Grip
  • Sun Visor
  • Seat Fabric

Parts of a Car Interior

Steering wheel

The steering wheel is the main component of the interior of the car. All types of vehicles, like buses, tractors, cars, and others, have a steering wheel. It is also known as the driving wheel.

With the steering, the driver can drive the vehicle and take a turn when necessary. Steering of the old vehicles was working on the rack and pinion mechanism.

But in modern cars, a power steering mechanism works on the hydraulic principle. Also, electric power steering is a new advancement in cars.


The function of the seat is to give comfort while driving. It is built with appropriate, durable materials. In common, polyester is the first choice for the seat. 

There are four types of seats.

  1. Driving seat- This seat is specially designed for the driver to take care of his comfort while driving. It has an adjustment to move the seat forward and backwards. It can flip at a certain angle to give comfort to the back of the driver. 
  2. Bucket seat- A bucket seat is a seat near the driving seat. It can move forward and backwards as per comfort. 
  3. Bench seat- A bench seat is a flat seat on the car’s backside. Three people can sit on this seat. It is a fixed type.
  4. Folding seat- The folding seat can fold as per our requirements. 

Seat belt

Seat belts protect the driver or passenger from sudden movement during a collision. It is also known as a safety belt. During driving a car, it is necessary to wear a seat belt. It helps you to protect yourself from serious injury or damage. 

Two-point, 3,4,5, and 6 points are the types of seat belt arrangements. Depending on the type of vehicle and its use, it varies. 


A dashboard is a control panel set in the car’s central console. It shows all control, speed, fuel level, torque, music system, Air conditioning control, and other controls. 

On the dashboard, we can see the air-conditioning ports for cooling the passengers. Openable drawer on another side of the dashboard for putting some documents and parts.

Dashboard Silencer

It is a lining material installed between the body material & dashboard of the vehicle. It reduces the direct impact imposed by the vehicle while in motion. These liners prevent vibration & heat insulation.

Gear Lever with Arrangement

It is a metallic leaver connected to the automobile transmission through the gearbox. It helps to operate the gearbox to change the speed and torque per the requirement.

During changing the vehicle speed, the clutch pedal is pressed to disengage the engine from the transmission, and the desired gear is selected.

Generally, it is on the right side of the left-hand drive vehicle and the left side of the right-hand drive vehicle. It is the central console of the vehicle.

Floor Carpet

Floor carpets prevent the accumulation of dirt particles and other waste in the car. It helps to make the car interior more hygienic. During the car cleaning, we can remove the car carpet & clean it. It gives better comfort to your legs.

Car Lighting

Lighting in the car helps occupants to get better visibility of the car’s interior parts. During night traveling, light helps to find or to put something in a secure place. Generally, light is at the inside top of the hood. It may have a different style as per vehicle. 

In modern cars, door lights give better visibility while going out from the vehicle, below the dashboard and the seats. These can be customised as per our requirements.

Car back mirror

It is a flat mirror on the driver’s front side or the top of the windshield. The driver can adjust it as per the view of the rear side. 

Hand Brake

The function of the hand brake is to lock the vehicle from moving. When we stop the car, if the road has a slope, there are chances to move the vehicle.

So, to avoid it, the hand brake locks the vehicle. After applying the hand brake, we can freely go anywhere without any care for vehicle movement. It is extra safety given to most automobiles.

Air Bags

The function of the airbags is to protect the driver and other passengers when an accident occurs. When the vehicle crashes with the object, the sensor senses the distance and speed and immediately sends a signal to the controller to release the airbags.

So, compressed air or gas is sent to the airbags to get them open. Due to that head and other body parts of passengers are protected from severe injuries.

Power Window Control

These are the switches to open and close the windows of the car. After pushing the button up, the window closes, and by pushing it down, a window opens.

These power windows are available in new cars. In old cars or vehicles, leavers are available, which need to rotate clockwise and anticlockwise to open and close the car windows.

Air Vent and Ventilation Control

Air vents are small openings to supply cool or hot air inside the car. The car has an air conditioning system, which helps to maintain the inside temperature of the car.

We can adjust and control the temperature as per our requirement with the ventilation control panel.

Tibia Pad

It is a polystyrene product sheet combined between the floor of the vehicle & carpet. When the impact force is imposed on a vehicle, a polystyrene sheet acts as an energy-absorbing agent.

It prevents serious injury to the legs of the passengers. In modern cars, these tibia pads absorb noise.


Headliner is a type of fabric with foam. It is a composite material that reduces sound, looks attractive interior, and feels good. It fixes the car interior, especially in the hood area, with glue.

In modern cars, these headliner materials are more advanced & give more benefits to the occupants. 

Door Trim

Door trims are the interior part of the door, which makes the door more attractive. Generally, its material is plastic.

It covers various mechanisms like window opening, door opening & locking mechanisms. These mechanisms operate by the buttons provided on the door trims.

Door Weather Strip

The function of the door weatherstrip is to prevent the rainwater from coming inside the car while rolling up and down the car.

Door weatherstrips attach from the interior & exterior sides of the door window. It helps to prevent the glass from being damaged due to vibration during driving.

Scuff Plate Ornament

These are the rubber strips that cover the steps of the door. In today’s time, vehicle names are printed on a scuff plate to make them more attractive.

Injection Moulded Baffle

These are the injection moulded parts of the plastic. They fit in the car for specific reasons like to cover something, make space for storing bottles & others.

Assist Grip

It is a handle that offers handhold support to the passenger while entering & exiting the car. It is made of plastic or rubber. I also help to get a good grip when a vehicle moves from an uneven road.

Sun Visor

The function of the Sun visor is to protect your eyes from direct sun rays falling on your eye. It helps to get good visibility to the driver while driving. The driver can adjust as per their requirement.

Seat Fabric

Car seat fabrics are made of polyester or nylon. It improves the car’s look and gives good comfort to the occupants. 

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